Pool Floor Coating

Waterproofing with a Pool Floor Coating

A pool floor coating is a vital step in taking care of your pool and protecting it from damage. Waterproofing the inside of the pool keeps the materials from breaking down due to constant water exposure. One way to do this is to apply ceramic tiles over the entire surface of the interior of the pool. However, this can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why a pool coating is a good alternative for you. The experts at Just Right Painting can help you get the job done right. Here’s what you need to know.

What Makes a Good Pool Floor Coating

Protecting the interior materials of your pool is a vital step in upkeep and pool maintenance. There are several ways that a pool floor coating can get the job done, but there are some requirements for making sure it works as it should.

The coating should be made from long-lasting materials that won’t jeopardize the pool’s structure and prevent having to drain the pool and reapply the coating too often. The coating also provides a smooth finish on the pool for safety and comfort during use.

The coating should also be elastic enough to withstand expansion and contraction and should be resistant to the chemicals used in the pool. It should also be able to withstand weather conditions, such as harsh sun and frost.

Pool Floor Coating

How it’s Applied

The process for applying a pool coating is fairly straightforward. It’s a matter of applying the waterproofing material to the walls and floor of the pool. This seals and smooths the interior surfaces of the pool.

The original surface of the pool must therefore be smooth and even for the waterproofing to be applied evenly. Sometimes when a pool is brand new, the waterproofing substance is added to the concrete used to construct the pool.

For an existing pool, the substance is applied periodically to preserve its integrity and function. The pool should be clean of grease, dust, dirt, and other debris before the waterproofing layer is applied.

It’s also important to watch for the positioning of lights, drains, and other accessories on the pool’s surface.

Sometimes more than one layer of the waterproofing material must be applied for the most effective results.

Benefits of a Pool Coating

The most obvious benefit of waterproofing your pool is that it keeps the interior of the pool from breaking down and being damaged due to water exposure. But that’s not all it can do for you.

It can also help preserve water levels, reducing evaporation and reducing the need to add water and chemicals to the pool as often. The smooth coating it provides also adds an extra layer of safety for swimmers, reducing the risk of scrapes and abrasions.

Waterproofing also helps prevent leaks that can damage the pool, your yard, and perhaps even the structure of your house, depending on how close it is to the pool.

What’s Your First Step?

Whether you’re installing a brand new pool or need to waterproof your existing one, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. That way you can be sure the proper materials are used and you can count on the floor coating lasting for many years. When it’s time to get started, call Just Right Painting for a free estimate.