Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting in Pasadena

Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting in Pasadena

A business is more than the sum of its parts. It’s more than its building, employees, owners and more. All of those, working together can make the business great. The look of your business is just one part. The interior as well as the exterior are important. Some of the reasons they have to look great are similar, but there are some differences too. One thing that isn’t in dispute: the better the interior and exterior look for your business; the more likely you are to get the kind of profits that will take your business to the next level. It’s just one factor, but it can help.

Our Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting in Pasadena

Pasadena has a look and feel all its own. Los Angeles is all hustle, all bustle, never stop, go go go – Pasadena contains some of that, but it also has a more stately energy as well. Pasadena has a unique look. When you’re in Pasadena, you know it. That’s why your business needs a great paint job to help it to stand out from the rest. We can take care of that for you, and we can do it on the inside as well as the out. When someone comes to your business, we can make sure that they appreciate the outside as well as the inside, too.

Another Way to Help Your Business

Many business owners overlook the interior of their building. We don’t mean retail stores or something of that ilk, we mean offices, spaces where employees are going to work. Many business owners, bosses and supervisors don’t realize how important the look of these places is for their business. The interior of a business isn’t something to be sloughed off or done as an afterthought. All the different reasons that you might have a great paint job on the parts that face potential customers are the same reasons that you should have a great paint job for your employees, too.

Studies have been done that show employees work better in environments that look good. You can read these studies, but if you think about it, it’s just human nature. Of course employees find it easier to do their jobs when their environs look great. They know that they’re working for a great company and they know that, by investing in the interior paint job, that the company wants to treat them great as well. It’s hard to imagine a company that gets a top notch interior paint job and then treats its employees well. That’s just one sign of a company that highly qualified employees are going to want to work for, and they’re going to want to work for that company for a long time.

If you’ve ever worked for a company that didn’t take their interior paint job seriously, then you know what a drag that can be. If you don’t, allow us to illustrate: imagine that, day after day, you have to spend all day in a workplace that doesn’t look good at all. The paint is chipped, cracked or peeling. It’s got stains; it clearly hasn’t been re-painted in years. Maybe you can see marks or even writing from former employees from years past on the walls, never completely scrubbed off. How are you going to feel about going to work every day? How are you going to feel about your job?

Even if your company gives you the most up to date technology with which to do your job, you’re going to notice that rough interior paint job. It’s impossible for your mind not to wonder to questions like: “if the interior paint job here looks this bad, can the company be doing that well? They have to be doing badly financially, right? Can I really trust my future to a company that can’t even paint the walls?” These might be exaggerations. Perhaps no employee has ever explicitly said that. But, they have thought it or something similar, even unconsciously. On some level, that’s what makes a paint job so important: it causes us to make judgments we may not even be aware that we’re making.

The First Impressions We Make

So, when you see a business from the street, or you see a picture of their exterior online, you make a judgment about that company. You determine immediately and instantly whether they’re worth checking out. From there, maybe you do research and determine if the goods or services they offer are what you’re interested in. Perhaps you reach out to them and perhaps you don’t. However, that initial judgment, that first decision is often made by how you think the building looks. That’s the kind of thing that our exterior commercial painting was made for.

The exterior of your business should reflect your business. It’s how you want people to think about your business, so it should look that way. The exterior is the part that shows our business to the world, it’s the genuine face of your business. You want it to make a good impression. Frankly, that’s what the exterior of your building can do in a way that few other things can. It can make that first impression so that it draws your potential customers in. If your exterior doesn’t look great, it could be the kind of thing that causes them to turn away from your business. You want an exterior paint job that says: “You can find what you want in here. Please come inside.”

Then, when your potential customers do arrive inside your establishment, you want to have an interior that keeps them there. Everyone’s gone to the store, business or other service provider that looks great on the outside and then awful on the inside. Maybe they spent everything they had on the exterior paint job and there was nothing left of the interior one. Or perhaps they didn’t consider that they had to take the interior paint job seriously. Either way, the interior paint job can help to close the sale. It reminds potential customers that had their attention grabbed by the exterior that they made the right decision.

For over seventeen years, we’ve helped businesses of all different kinds to have the sort of paint job they want to have. That means that everything looks right. It also means that we get the job done on time and on budget. The best paint job in the world, on the inside and the outside, isn’t worth it if it breaks your budget. It’s hard to make a good impression or really any kind of impression on potential customers if you spend too much on painting and can’t hang onto the building. That’s why we make sure that our packages are reasonably priced – if you’re in Pasadena or any of the surrounding areas, we have a package that can make your business look that much better.

It’s important to us to be a part of our community. That’s just one of the many reasons that we offer free painting to nonprofits and veterans’ organizations.

What Matters Most

Professionalism and integrity are some of the most important factors of our business. Everyone we employ is a true professional painter – that means they show up on time, ready to work and get the job done right. “Getting the job done right” has multiple definitions for us: we can do the job to your exact specifications. Or, alternately, if you aren’t sure how you want your business to look, we can use our experience to put together a look for you that will make your business look how you want. Maybe you have a great plan for the exterior but aren’t sure about the interior, or vice versa. No matter how you want your business to look, we can make it happen. To start the process or just to have a conversation, give us a call at (323) 689 5970 or head to our site.