HOA painting in Los Angeles

What are the Restrictions on HOA Painting in Los Angeles

HOAs, or homeowners associations, often have rules in place that restrict what you can and can’t do to the exterior of your home. That includes landscaping choices and paint colors. If you want to paint the outside of your house, chances are that you’ll need to get approval from your HOA beforehand. And they may turn down your color choice. Having the professionals at Just Right Painting on your side can help you figure out what your options are. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about HOA painting in Los Angeles.

Choosing Paint Colors

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you have an HOA is that you will likely need the approval to paint the outside of your house before you do so. Likewise, you will probably also have to ensure that your color choice is approved.

Most HOAs require you to keep your paint tidy and well maintained. In some cases, the HOA does the painting as part of its regular maintenance schedule. In that case, you likely don’t have a say in what color it’s painted.

However, not all HOAs are so stringent and some don’t have color choice restrictions. The best thing to do is to contact your HOA and go over the restrictions so you can move ahead with painting based on what you find out.

HOA painting in Los Angeles

Finding an HOA Compliant Painter

Part of staying within your HOAs guidelines is following the rules about paint color. But you might also have to hire specific painters to do the job. That means it probably isn’t a do-it-yourself situation.

Using an HOA compliant painter means hiring professionals who understand HOA restrictions and can get your house painted while also adhering to the rules set forth by your HOA company.

In some cases, you may need to apply with information about the painting company and the timeline for the process. We are fully HOA compliant and specialize in painting properties that are under HOA restrictions.

Keep Careful Records

It’s vital to keep careful records of your interactions with the HOA company. It’s especially important to hang onto approval paperwork. This way if there’s an issue once the painting is complete, you have a record that you were operating with HOA approval.

For example, if the color doesn’t meet guidelines after the fact, you won’t be held responsible for deciding without running it by the HOA first. Keep track of the timeline and the cost, as well as the date the job is finished since painting is likely something that must be done on a consistent schedule.

Finding the Right Company for HOA Painting in Los Angeles

You’ve talked to your HOA company and are ready to move forward with painting your house. So what’s next? You need the experts to carry out the work for you. We specialize in HOA painting and know the ins and outs of the rules and regulations.  When it’s time to get started with the perfect paint job for your house, call Just Right Painting today for a free estimate.