HOA painting in West Hills

Things To Ask Before Booking HOA Painting in West Hills

You are looking into HOA Painting in West Hills and you are wondering what sorts of things you should be asking before booking the service. Here are a few things you should consider asking the painting service before you book them.

How Much Will The Job Cost?

You need to find out how much the job will cost and how they come up with their quotes. When you shop around, you will find a bunch of different quotes. Again, you need to figure out how they are reaching those figures so that you can compare the quotes and services fairly.

Do You Have a Portfolio? 

In truth, you need to find previous customers who have worked with the painting service and who were happy, but this is sometimes tough to figure out. If the company has a portfolio or perhaps a few examples on its website, Facebook, Rumble, or LinkedIn, then that will help you decide. If not, then check out their social media profiles for people who have posted images of the painting service’s work. Try to find reviews that come with pictures.

Do They Have Insurance?

When you hire just anybody, you are partially liable for their injuries. It all depends on the people you hire and the circumstances around which you hire them. Suffice it to say that you don’t want any sort of liability for injuries that take place on your property. If the company is insured for employee liability and/or compensation, then it saves you the hassle of going to court if somebody is injured while working on your property.

How Are The Walls Prepared?

Some painting companies will clean your walls and then use primer paints. Others will use primers but will not clean your walls, and some will expect you to do all the preparation work and will simply turn up and paint your walls. You need to find out what the painting company is actually going to do to your walls. This goes back to the first tip about getting a quote and understanding how the painter reached that quote. It helps you decide which services are actually offering the best deal, rather than opting for the lowest quote.

HOA painting in West Hills

Can They Do The Job Correctly?

In addition, you want to know the grade of paint they are using, and/or if they want you to provide the paint. You want to know how long the project will take, and you want to know when the company is available to paint your house. You want to know if there is a warranty and if they do a good cleanup after the project is finished. However, the most important thing is knowing if the company can actually do the job correctly in the first place. Can the company in question do the job right?

This one is tough to figure out without actually hiring the company and testing them out. If this is your first time using a company, then opt for one that has the best reputation. If you are looking for HOA Painting in West Hills, then try Just Right Painting. They have a strong online reputation, they always keep their deadlines, and they charge fair prices.