HOA Painting

Is HOA Painting More Expensive?

On the surface, yes, HOA Painting is more expensive, but if you are hiring a good painting service, then the price doesn’t differ too much from their regular price. This article explains why some companies may charge more to find out about HOA paintwork, and why high-quality companies probably won’t increase their prices for HOA work.

Why Do Some Companies Charge More?

The HOA may have its own set of rules regarding painting. If you are lucky, they are just things like limitations on the colors that can be used. If you are unlucky, then they also include the types of paints you can use, when you can do your painting, and limits on what may and may not be painted. 

The more rules there are, then the higher the chances are that the painting company will increase its prices. It all depends on the rules and how the painting company interprets and applies them. For example, if you may only have your house painted on weekdays in the spring, then it may cost you more because it will be more difficult to find a painter during that time (especially if other people in the area need their services).

Why Do Some High Quality Services Maintain Similar Prices?

Some painting companies will increase their prices to accommodate HOA prices, and some painting services will have higher costs out of circumstance (like if they are in high demand at the time). However, some high-quality services won’t increase their prices at all, and that is often because they are already working under the guidelines set up by the HOA.

For example, if the HOA asks for a special type of waterproof primer, and the high-quality painting service already uses that type of primer, then why would they increase the price? If the high-quality service always charges the same price no matter how in-demand they are, then why would they increase prices during the painting time periods set out by the HOA?

Restricted To Certain Painters

Some HOA council members are bribed by local companies, which is why you find rules about which companies can and cannot be used to paint your house. Luckily, there are almost always ways around these rules. Still, if your HOA insists on using a certain painting company, then you are probably going to pay a little more than you would normally have paid. Ask around with other members to find out how they paid less for their house, business, and shed painting.

HOA Painting

Can I Get a Better Price?

If you are looking for a company to comply with your HOA painting rules, then get in touch with Just Right Painting and get a good deal. The way you get an even better price is to book further in advance, to be flexible with regard to appointments, and to be very clear about what you want and what needs painting. Measure your house for the painters who want a quote. Keep the measurements at hand for all times in the future when you need a painting job that requires a quote.