Residential Painting in West Hills

The Most Beautiful Color for Residential Painting in West Hills

If you have a housing group, or a housing association, if you are renting, or if you have rules in your local area about house colors, then you are going to need to seek permission to paint your house. Especially if you are looking to paint the exterior of your house a different color than it is right now. If you have permission and/or are able to paint your house internally or externally, then you need to pick your colors well. Before you start your residential painting in West Hills, here is a little advice on the colors you may like to consider.

Yellow is Associated With Cheerfulness

As with all colors, the feelings you get and the moods you experience are subjective. It all depends on you and how you feel. However, yellow is often considered a cheerful color because yellow rooms are associated with bright sunlight, which commonly makes people happy.

Red is Associated With Sex and Danger

The closer your red comes to being blood-colored, then the more dangerous it appears, which is why road signs are written in bright red. The closer your red comes to a young woman’s flushed lips, then the sexier the color is considered. Again, this is all subjective and depends on your opinion, but be careful when picking red. Make sure it matches and/or works with the colors outside your home. If you are using the color in your home, then consider mixing your wall and furniture colors to make the red a little less imposing.

Green is Considered Energetic

This is a tricky one because darker greens are often considered to be understated and posh. Brighter greens are often considered energetic. On the other hand, some people associate color with environmentalism and others with old-fashioned decor. For example, if your house has ivy growing in it, then a greenhouse would probably look great. On the other hand, if your room is green with minimalist furniture and glass tables, then the green may need to be toned down to stop it from dominating the attention in the room.

Lilac For Calm

Blue is commonly considered a calming color, but opinions have changed over the years and now Lilac is considered a more calming color. Where green can be very energetic and imposing, Lilac does have a way of fading into the background. It doesn’t demand attention, which may be why people think colors like Lilac and beige offer a calmer experience than most other colors.

Residential Painting in West Hills

Hire The Best Painters

The last thing you want is a substandard job done in your house. There are few things in life that are as obvious when done badly. Having a cheap job done on your house painting is very obvious. When you hire a company for residential painting in West Hills, you don’t want cheap paint, poor undercoating, bubbles, missed bits, spills, and generally bad painting skills. You need a good company that does a professional job and that offers good value for money. You need a company like Just Right Painting. Get in touch today for a quote.