Interior Painting in Studio City

Choosing Colors for Open Plan Interior Painting in a Studio City Home

Nowadays more houses are being built on the open-plan scheme than ever before and also many householders are converting their homes to this design. This trend gives rise to challenges regarding decoration. Putting all the once separated rooms into one means that you can stop thinking about color schemes for individual rooms. On the other hand, you have to try to put the whole into one pleasant and satisfying scheme. The idea of an expansive space where different activities take place in different areas is great, but that means that your decoration has to harmonize and blend together. We at Just Right Painting have had plenty of experience at interior painting in Studio City and wish to give some suggestions on how to achieve your decoration goals.

It’s All About Balance

It does not matter what colors you use, but you should use more than one. Three to five colors are recommended. You can use just one color in different shades, but that tends to become boring after a while. Some contrasting colors will give your living space much more life. Then again, many strong contrasting colors may also become overwhelming too. It is all about striking the correct balance.

Interior Painting in Studio City

Making a Cohesive Whole

Cohesion is what you want. You want your color scheme to reflect the activities in each of the different parts of your open-plan space. More than anything, you are creating feelings by making the color scheme different as you move and use each area. Subtle changes in tone can achieve this. Color schemes should be chosen with your furniture in mind.

How to do that?

One way to achieve this kind of effect is to move from light to dark. That doesn’t mean actual dark colors. Most people favor the open-plan type of living space because it is open and light. So, you can use shades, tones, and textures to maintain that fluid color flow.

You can use shades of one color but put a much darker shade of that color on one of the main walls. This can be thought of as an anchor color. It is possible to use two anchor colors, in different colors, but that usually depends on how big your open-plan space is. What you are aiming for is contrast, but not clashing.

Once you have the anchor color you can choose different tones of the same to paint the other walls. That way you can create a shading palette that moves around the space. The alternative to that is to use colors that are similar to the anchor color, but not exactly the same. With two anchor colors, the progress of your shading can move in different directions.

Help and Advice

We at Just Right Painting can help you with your interior painting in Studio City by suggesting color schemes and the best type of paints to use. If you are thinking of decorating your open plan home, why not talk to us first? For a free quote contact us through our website.