HOA Painting in Los Angeles

Are Expensive Paints worth the Cost for HOA Painting in Los Angeles?

Costs are always a major consideration of any décor project and painting is no different. No one wants to layout lots of dollars on something that isn’t worth it. Of course, that depends on what you want to paint. An old garden shed probably doesn’t merit spending a lot of money on expensive paint. On the other hand, your house does. Homeowners’ association members shouldn’t stint on the quality of paint they purchase to decorate their properties. All homeowners’ associations wish to maintain a certain standard that is fitting with their neighborhood. Maintaining house values is of prime importance and that means the appearance of the paintwork. We here at Just Right Painting would like to assure you that opting for the cheaper class of materials when HOA painting in Los Angeles is doing your neighborhood a disservice.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Although we all like to save money on the things we need to buy, some things, such as paint for your house should be considered before making a decision. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive paint that you can find. Quality paint that does the job is what you are looking for. So, you have to look for quality that fits a budget and delivers the result that you want. There is a great price range within the paint available on the market today, so there is a great deal of choice.

HOA Painting in Los Angeles

What is Paint Made of?

Paint is basically made up of three components. They are solvent, pigment, and binder. There are additives that can be mixed into the paint for certain purposes, but those three elements are what make paint. The solvent, which is either water or oil-based, and the liquid fluid, evaporates, leaving the pigment and binder behind. The pigment is merely the color, whereas the binder glues it to the surfaces. The better the binder the longer the paint stays cohesive without cracking or flaking.

Cheaper in the Long Run

The more expensive paints have a higher binder/pigment ratio which makes for a better quality paint. That means that it covers the surfaces better and easier. That also impacts the number of coats necessary to arrive at a good finish. With cheaper paints, more coats need to be applied and so more layout in terms of not only paint but labor costs too, if you are hiring professional painters. There is the time factor too. Each layer of paint you apply has to dry before you can paint over it. The longer the job takes means more labor costs.


Paint not only beautifies your home but also protects it against the elements. All paints have a lifespan, a length of time in which they stay in their pristine state until they start to disintegrate. This depends on the quality of the paint you buy.

Professional Help

Before starting on your painting project, it is better to consult with a professional for the best results. We here at Just Right Painting are experienced at HOA painting in Los Angeles. Feel free to contact us through our website for more information.