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Choose Interior Painting Contractors Who Can Match Paint Color to Your Personality

It’s probably a reasonable assumption that when most people embark on a new interior painting project, the first things that they consider in terms of color scheme choice is both what they personally prefer, and then what they think will look best with the spaces in the home that are already finished. 

Of course, these are two sensible and traditional routes to take, but if you want to experiment with something a little bit fun and unique, then how about matching your new paint color to your personality type? Inspiration for interior décor has no limitations so going down a different road for choosing colors is certainly a different and valid individual approach. 

With this in mind, here is a list of some of the best paint colors for personality types that you can discuss with your interior painting contractors!

Colors For Openness

If you are in the openness category of personality, then the risk-taker within you will probably be suited to bigger, bolder colors like reds, oranges, and yellows. For you, the more saturated and dramatic you make your space, the happier you will feel when you are spending time inside it!

Colors For Conscientiousness

You are a very organized and structured person, and the colors that tend to lend themselves best to this type of personality are hues that feature cool, earthy undertones. Things like soft greens, water blues, and off-whites are all great examples of colors that fit the bill, and they will help you to feel in control and relaxed in the environment.

Colors For Extraversion

Extraverts tend to go overboard with decor decisions, so it is best to give yourself a blank canvas from which to expand and showcase your personality. There is nothing better than white for this job, and once the white is down, you can go to town with the rest of your decoration.

Colors For Agreeableness

Your two main ambitions are to be comforting and cooperative, and this means that neutrals are the perfect choice. Colors like soft browns, grays, and even mushroom whites are ideal for the walls of an agreeable personality because there is nothing confrontational about them.

Interior Painting Contractors
Colors For Neuroticism

If you tend toward the neurotic person, then you will want to opt for colors that promote relaxation. Natural blues and greens are both very soothing, and they evoke a sense of calm that will be very much appreciated by any neurotic. The less somebody is tempted to fixate on a particular color or pattern, the more relaxing it is, and there isn’t much to panic the mind when it comes to a choice of gentle blue or green.

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