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Boost Wellness with these Colors for Interior Painting in Pasadena

When it comes to the science of interior decor and design, there is so much more the professionals consider than the plain simplicity of visual appeal, especially of colors. Of course, it goes without saying that you always want your choice of paint color to look good and blend with your total aesthetic, but did you know that there is also something to be said about the mental impact that certain hues can have? With this particular benefit in mind, here are some suggestions for colors that can actually work to boost feelings of wellness when used for interior painting in Pasadena.


The kind of tranquility that you feel when you look up at a bright blue sky or across a deep blue ocean can be replicated indoors with the right kinds of blues. It is a color that is associated with feelings of serenity, peace, and truth, and makes for the perfect area of rest and relaxation like the bedroom, or perhaps even a statement wall in a bathroom that is otherwise white tiled.


Purple is a color that is associated with promoting the ability to think deeply, as it promotes feelings of spirituality and wisdom. It is also the color of transformation, so if you are redecorating in the hope of boosting your mood with a complete ‘page turn’, then purple might be the color that can help you to reach a new stage of life at a quicker pace.


Green is obviously a color that is associated and linked with nature, and shades like mint green, honeydew, and sage can be very helpful to the mind when it comes to things like harmony, healing, love, and regeneration. There is a very calming effect that a well-decorated green-themed room can have, in a similar way to the other natural color of blue.

Interior Painting in Pasadena

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a white color scheme will look and feel too clinical, but that is not the case. Rather than feeling sterile, white walls can have a completely mind-clearing effect that brings a lot of calm and clarity. If you are looking for decor that truly represents a blank canvas to start all over again, then there is nothing better than the purifying atmosphere that pure white brings! You can balance out any potential feelings of sterility with clever color accents in the room like colorful flowers and other paint details in doors and window frames, for example. Also, there are softer white shades available if you want a less frigid look.

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