HOA Painting in Thousand Oaks

Why is HOA Painting in Thousand Oaks So Important?

You may have seen the news reports that pop up from time to time. They usually involve an individual who has painted something incorrectly outside their house and now they are getting a $25 fine every week, and she/he already owes a $9000 bill for the year. In almost every case, the colors are okay, but just that bit off, like having a yellow house with plum purple shutters. Either way, there are some nuisance Homeowner Associations out there, but most are pretty benign and/or don’t actively cause people problems. So, why is HOA Painting in Thousand Oaks so important? Why are HOAs fining people for not having their place painted as stated in their rules?

The Rules and The Rules

They are going to call them by many different names. Terms and conditions, or guidelines, or covenants, or whatever self-important names they decide to give them. No matter what they call them, they are rules and they will make your life difficult if you do not follow them. When you agree to rent a place or even buy a place, you are entering into an agreement to abide by the rules and to be fined and even foreclosed upon if you do not abide by the rules.

  • Lawn care Requirements

They will ask you to maintain things like curb appeal. This means taking care of your law, mowing it, watering it, and keeping on par with the rest of the street.

  • Traffic and Parking Requirements

This is a fun one because the people on the council give the best parking spots to their friends, family, and people who pay them. 

  • Pet Guidelines

They will say if you can have dogs and cats, and they may even have approved breeds. They may allow you to have rabbits and things, but you may have to keep them in the back garden where they are out of sight of people visiting the street.

  • Occupancy Requirements

This is a commonly disputed one for people with Mexican and/or East Asian habits because they are used to living with more people than your average occupancy requirement will allow.

  • Rental Agreements

They will often charge more if you have more people, and in most cases, people who are renting a place have more restrictions, but fewer expenses (For example, tenants shouldn’t be expected to pay for the house to be painted).

  • Noise Avoidance

A tenancy association or homeowner association may have rules on how much noise you can make and when you can make it. You may be making a legal amount of noise at a reasonable hour, but the HOA may still fine you for breaking their noise avoidance rules.

HOA Painting in Thousand Oaks

Have Your Painting Done Correctly

The rules don’t really matter if the quality of your HOA Painting in Thousand Oaks is not up to standard. It doesn’t matter if you follow the color and/or product guidelines if the quality of the paintwork is terrible. If you want your paintwork done correctly, then get in touch with Just Right Painting today and get a quote. You will not be disappointed.