HOA Painting in Calabasas

When HOA Painting in Calabasas Doesn’t Hit its Mark

There are a few places where you can find HOA Painting in Calabasas, and that is because there is a very low barrier to entry. Just about anybody can call themselves a painter, which means anybody with a paintbrush and wiping cloth can become a painter. This is why there are times when the painting job won’t hit the mark. It just isn’t good enough. What do you do when your painting doesn’t hit the mark? When the job itself is not good enough, or worse still when the housing association tells you that the job isn’t good enough.

Paying in Advance and/or Refusing to Pay

Most people pay a deposit in advance and then pay the rest when the job is done. If the paintwork was done poorly, then you can refuse to pay, but beware that they can easily sue you or send a collection agency around to your place if you do not. The sad part is that if they do a passable job, then they will win the small claims court case. In addition, if they do other things like drop paint on your dog or smash your vase, they can still sue you to pay them and still win.

Paying Part of the Bill

If they did a bad job and you all know it, then you can settle the matter more quickly by paying part of the bill. If the tradesperson agrees that the job didn’t go to plan, and/or agrees with some of your complaints, then paying part of the bill is a valid response. Again, they could take you to a small claims court, but the courts won’t look upon them favorably if you already offered to pay a big chunk of the bill.

Complaints to the Better Business Bureau

If you have already paid and cannot get your money back, then you can make complaints to the BBB and leave negative reviews online. You won’t get your money back, but you can at least warn other people about the painting service.

Did They Even Have Insurance?

If the painters did the damage, then you may still have to pay them, but it is possible you can file a claim against them and get paid by their insurance. If they have insurance, then things like damages caused by them could be covered by their insurance. You pay the bill, but you recover the cost of the damages they caused (if you can prove they did it).

HOA Painting in Calabasas

Prevention is Better Than The Cure

Unless you are purposefully and provably misled, then there is very little recourse if somebody does a terrible job of your paintwork. Plus, even if you are misled, there is very little point in using them in small claims court because you may only get your money back and little else. Even if they damage your property, you can’t really sue unless you can prove they were extremely negligent. In almost every case, if you are looking for HOA Painting in Calabasas, you should find a good, well-respected, and well-reviewed company like Just Right Painting to do the job. You need a company that has something to lose if you start posting negative reviews online, so perhaps stick with long-established companies like Just Right Painting if you need your painting done to a good standard.