HOA and Condo Painting

HOA and Condo Painting Tips

Modern HOA and condo painting aren’t that difficult thanks to the many professional painting services on the market. Before you go ahead and hire somebody, here are a few thoughts on your painting project. Even if you are hiring professionals to do the work for you, there are things you need to consider. Perhaps the first bit of advice is that you should expect the unexpected, which means assuming you will end up paying slightly more than you expected, and assuming that the deadline for the work will be longer than is originally quoted. Expect things to go a little wrong, and then be pleased when they don’t.

Who Is Responsible For What?

Even if you are willing to pay to have all the painting done for you, there is still the matter of who is responsible. This works both ways in that it works for who pays for the painting, and who pays if the painting is so bad that it has to be re-done. Don’t forget that if there are rules about painting, then you may have to have it redone because it isn’t a standard/approved color or painting pattern. It is not just the walls that are important. For example, the association may be responsible for most things, but are not responsible for windows and for decks. Also, consider if furniture needs to be moved because under most circumstances it is the job of the owner or renter to move furniture to allow the painters to do their job.

HOA and Condo Painting

What Are The Specs and Bid Quotes?

Knowing how much external wall you have is a very good idea. Some painters can “Eyeball” a quote, but in most cases, you need some sort of measurements of the amount of square footage of wall that needs painting. In addition, be sure that the quotes you are getting are solid quotes and not estimations. If they are estimates, then the HOA or condo owners may not pay any sort of price that is over the original estimated bid price.

Choose a Contact Person

Even if the owners or some sort of association is paying for the painting, they may not be the ones approving it or checking it. In other words, as the owner or renter, you will need to designate somebody as the contact. The contact is the person who the associations and/or painting companies contact. The contact is also the person who does the final walk-through and walks around to check the external and internal paintwork. You need somebody who the associations and painters can contact, otherwise things may move very slowly as one company tries to contact another.

Hiring Professionals For The Job

There is a chance that the HOA or condo association has their own preferred painting company. However, if they do not, then you need to hire a professional for any of your HOA and Condo Painting. This is especially true if you are not the one paying because the ones paying the bill are going to want a receipt from a legitimate tax-paying company. If you need a professional job done for the right price, then get in touch with Just Right Painting.