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What a Quote for Interior Painting Should Include in Los Angeles

Painting your home is always more involved than you imagine. It’s also more messy and takes longer than you plan for. It really does pay to employ a professional painting company rather than do it yourself.

When it comes to interior painting in Los Angeles, you will find that as you look for a painter, that they present their quotes in many different ways. This can make the entire process quite confusing and overwhelming. When you get a quote, you want to be sure it includes everything so you aren’t surprised when it’s time to pay the bill. Here at Just Right Painting, we can do the work for you, but we can also answer your questions. Here’s what you should look for when you get a quote.

Which Areas are Included

One of the most important things to look for when you get a quote for interior painting in Los Angeles, is which rooms are included in the price. You want to be sure that everything is specified, not just the walls. That includes trim, baseboards and anything else you want painted. In addition to which rooms are included, be sure you also make note of areas like the hallway or entry that aren’t a specific room. You should also see how the color selections will be made so you get the hue you want in each room.

Each Item’s Price

Instead of just looking for the total quote, examine it to be sure that each item included has its own cost listed. This way you can add or remove any parts of the project that you want to and understand what each part of the project will cost you. This is a good way to ensure that nothing is missed and that you aren’t hit with unexpected costs when the job is finished.

Number of Coats and Materials

To be sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, make sure that your quote lists how many coats of paint will be applied and the materials needed to complete the project. You should also make sure that brand names of paint and exact colors are listed because you don’t want to expect a certain material and then end up with something else.

Included Repairs

If there is damage to your drywall or you have holes that need to be filled, make sure these repairs appear on the quote. Many contractors won’t include repairs on a quote so you need to look for that as a line item and if it’s missing, ask that it be included so you have a good sense of what everything will cost in the end.


Insurance is important because it protects you if damage occurs during the painting project. It should also protect you against liability if the painter is injured while painting your house. Look to be sure the certificate is current and valid. This information may need to come from the home office, rather than the contractor. You can often have this information emailed to you.

When you want top quality interior painting in Los Angeles, you want Just Right Painting. Call us today for a free quote.