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Tips from a Commercial Interior Painter: The Color For Your Home Office Walls

Of all the rooms in your home, it’s fair to say that your office is one of the most important. Whether you work from home full time or just like a space in your house where you can spend some extra hours finishing off projects in your own time, office space and the way it is decorated is really important in terms of motivation and enthusiasm. If you don’t like the color aesthetic of the room, then you aren’t going to stay motivated to spend time in it and work hard in it. To make sure that everything is set up to promote productivity at home, here are some commercial interior painter tips for choosing the best paint colors for your office.

Consider the Amount Of Natural Light

One of the most important things to take into account when thinking about paint colors is how big your office is and how much natural light it gets treated to. If the space is bright and airy to begin with, then you can get away with trying darker colors like deep reds and charcoal greys, but if you only have a tiny office that doesn’t get much sunlight, it is best to stick with a light, bright color that can help to create the illusion of space. Use a big mirror too to reflect any light back into the room and further enhance the perception of a larger space.

Think About The ‘Temperature’ Of The Room

What kind of space are you trying to create? If you want the emotional ‘temperature’ of your room to be hot and exciting, then a bold, vibrant color might be best, but if you want to keep things calm, relaxed, and casually professional, then something like a pastel yellow or light blue is the way to go. This is particularly something to take into consideration if your home office is going to be a space where clients come to visit. Think about what kind of vibe you want to be setting out for them.

Think About The Rest Of Your Home Interior Decor

You don’t want your home office to feel like a completely alien room in your home, so take the paint colors in other rooms and see if you can come up with something that blends and pairs well. Of course, for professional purposes, you don’t want your office to look and feel exactly like your bedroom or living room, but there is something to be said for the calming nature of symmetry when certain design and color elements are passed from one room to the next.

Are You Ready to Contact a Commercial Interior Painter?

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