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How Often Should You Call In Beverly Hills Painters?

If you are someone who would describe themselves as a house proud person, then it’s safe to assume that you know your way around a cleaning product or two! Something that you might not have ever thought about, though, is the quality of the painting inside your home. Your floors are spotless, your bathroom is squeaky clean, the kitchen is immaculate, but what about the living room and bedroom walls? Do they look like they could do with a fresh coat of paint? Do you even remember when the last time was that you actually decorated your interior? Don’t worry! We’re here with all of the answers that you are looking for. Just how often should you spruce up your interior with a fresh coat of paint?

You Should Be Calling In Beverly Hills Painters At Different Times For Different Rooms

  •         Bedrooms

As bedrooms aren’t the most frequently used and lived in rooms in a home, you only really need to think about repainting them every five years or so. Of course, if the bedroom in question is a child’s room where more playing, throwing, and general boisterous activity is taking place, then you might find that marks on the walls start to appear a lot sooner than that! For a typical adult bedroom or guest room, however, five years is a good marker.

  •         Dining/Living Room

These kinds of rooms are certainly more regularly used than a bedroom throughout the day, but they have one particular thing going for them, furniture! The presence of plenty of different furniture in a dining room and living room means that people in them are much less likely to stray near walls and touch them. It’s usually a buildup of human contact that starts to ruin a wall paint job over the years, so if you are sat at a dinner table in the middle of the room, this risk is less significant. You can go even longer than a bedroom before thinking about renovating, maybe seven years or so.

  •         Kitchen

The kitchen, however, is a completely different story. No matter how house proud and careful you are, your kitchen walls are going to get dirty over time, it’s just a natural consequence of the cooking that goes in that part of the house. Build up of things like oil particles and steam are going to take their toll, even when you clean your kitchen walls. You can expect to have to give your kitchen a new lease of life every 3 or 4 years depending on how busy you like to get with your cuisine!

  •         Bathroom

Bathrooms can be considered in the same way as kitchens, with lots of steam and various aerosol body products being used in a small space. Any non-tiled areas of a bathroom will start to suffer after about 3 to 4 years, so keep an eye out for things like peeling.

Ready to call in Beverly Hills Painters?

So, if you think that your home’s interior is well overdue for a much needed refresh, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Just Right Painting. Don’t get lazy with the upkeep of your home, because every little bit of maintenance and work helps to increase the value for the future.