Commercial Painting in Calabasas

The Benefits of Commercial Painting in Calabasas

You already have your place decorated, you are not planning a refit of any sort, so why bother with the benefits of commercial painting in Calabasas? After all, you are not planning a refurbish or refit, so why would it matter to you? It matters because there are a lot of benefits to having a commercial painting company come into your place of business and freshen it up a little. Here are just a few benefits to having your business professional painted.

Unmaintained Paintwork Indicates The Health of Your Business

There is a “Broken Window” theory put forward by Dennis Prager. He made the observation that when a factory is closed, it stays in pretty good shape until the first window is smashed. Within just a few weeks of the first window being smashed, the rest of them are smashed, and after that we see drug dealers and homeless people take up residence. 

Why does just one broken window start such a downfall? It starts because it signifies the maintenance of the building. With all windows intact, the building could be guarded, still, in use, it may even have renovators working night and day for all to know. However, when a single window is smashed and stays smashed, it means the building is not being maintained and is probably not being guarded.

When a company is failing, it is often the interior that starts to suffer first. After that, the outside starts to suffer. When you walk into a failing business, you can sort of telling that they are not doing well, but sometimes the friendly staff wins you over, or you are told about an upcoming change and you are excited. If you see a business and the outside is starting to become dilapidated, then you avoid the company completely. Unless there is something you desperately need from them, you pay them no more attention than you would a broken sidewalk stab. Just like how you wouldn’t buy a car from a person in a dirty suit.

Well Maintained Paintwork Indicates Success

When you see successful businesses, you don’t see old, chipped, and peeling paint and fixtures. Even if your business has very nice fixtures, you should be maintaining your paintwork on both the outside and inside. It shows your customers and clients that your business is doing well. What’s more, freshening up the paintwork is far cheaper than a full refurbish or refit. And, getting your paintwork done is often a very quick job, you can often have it done on days when you would have been closed anyway. 

commercial painting in Calabasas

Getting The Job Done Right

If you are looking for commercial painting in Calabasas, then strongly consider hiring the team at Just Right Painting. You get a good price, and excellent quality work and the team will work around your schedule and your deadlines. It makes getting your paintwork freshened up a lot easier and more convenient. Get in touch today and get a quote for interior and exterior paintwork, along with a quote for painting fixtures, fittings, and furniture.