commercial floor coating

Silly Mistakes to Avoid When Repainting Your Commercial Floors

Like everything else there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Painting is one of those jobs people think any numbskull can do. What’s to know? All you need is a can of paint and paintbrush, right? In fact, it is simple enough, but where people come unstuck is that they don’t do it correctly. This is especially true of amateur DIY. Most people dedicated to DIY actually know what they are doing because they find out how to do the work properly and follow the required steps.

commercial floor coating

Almost any tradesman will tell you that preparation is the main part of the work. Concrete is notoriously difficult to get paint to adhere to. People who just slap on commercial floor coating without any thought are asking for trouble. If you want it done correctly, then call in the professionals. We at Just Right Painting are an established painting and decoration firm which also includes concrete floor coating among our services.

Preparation is King.

It should go without saying, but you should start off with a clean surface. Skip this simple part and you are already storing up future problems. Even if it is new concrete, clean it anyway, just to be sure. If the floor had a previous commercial floor coating, then make sure it is removed. Old coatings tend to have splits, cracks or bubbles, especially if the previous application was a cheap and nasty job. So, you have to peel, scrape, grind or scrub until the floor is clear. Any cracks, dips or chips should then be repaired. As an extra precaution the floor should be washed with a degreasing agent. Once everything is clean and dry you are nearly ready.

The next step to take is scoring or etching. It is difficult to get commercial floor coating to adhere to a completely smooth concrete surface. You need to rough it up a bit, the same as you would if you were painting wood. Use a strong bristled brush, or better still, a wire one and scrub the floor. This, of course, will cause a bit of dust. The best way to get rid of the residue is to vacuum it up. Now you are ready to apply the coating.


A team of professional painters can do the prep and lay down the commercial floor coating in one day, but here comes the next mistake. Some business owners are anxious to open for business again as soon as possible and so don’t leave the coating sufficient time to dry completely. These applications are quick drying, but still need a bit of time to adhere to the concrete fully. The recommended wait times before use are as follows: 24 hours for light foot traffic, 72 for heavy and 7 days for vehicle traffic.

Do not Make Mistakes

The best way not to make mistakes is to call in the professionals. Have someone else take the strain and the hassle. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Just Right Painting through our website or call for more information and quotes.