dealership floor coating

Can I Repaint My Commercial Floor on the Cheap?

Yes, you can, if you want. There are plenty of floor coatings that are relatively cheap and easy to apply. Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality. Sometimes a cheaper item will do just as well as a more expensive one. Unfortunately, that may not be the case when it comes to floor coatings. That said, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. Basically, it depends on your need.

dealership floor coating

The point of applying a floor coating is to improve and protect your concrete floor. A good floor coating will seal the floor, fill in the cracks and give it a nice smooth looking finish. If you apply a cheap coating to a new concrete floor it will probably look great, but for how long? If you are renewing an old coating with another cheap layer, the question is the same. This is especially true of dealership floor coating, which suffer from heavy foot traffic. If you want all the low down on commercial floor coating application we at Just Right Painting can give you that advice.

The Options:

Water Based

Water based epoxy coating is a two part application. One is the resin base and the other is the hardener. These can resist such things as scuffs, stains and discoloration by spilled chemicals like motor oil or engine grease. The water based products are manufactured with light pedestrian foot traffic in mind. It can also cope with medium usage vehicle traffic too. It can clearly be used as a dealership floor coating. It can be used for moist or damp type surfaces.

Solvent Based

Commercial floor coatings all have a resin base, but are named for the agent with they are mixed. In this case, instead of mixing the base with water, it is mixed with a chemical solvent or as they say in the trade, liquefying agent. These type of coatings are popular as dealership floor coatings because they are quick drying, especially under a constant air flow. With the expanse of floor coverage and the need to open for business quickly, it is ideal. They have greater resistance to environmental and climatic changes than the water based products.

Solid Based

What are called 100% solid based floor coatings are actually solvent based, but the difference is the remaining thickness of the coating after it has dried. It is laid down in one coat and dries in a matter of hours. The one drawback is that it has to be applied very quickly by people who know what they are doing. Once set it offers a very thick coating, which is very tough and it has greater durability than other coatings.

Cheap or Not?

There are many different types of commercial floor coatings and if you aren’t in the business, it can become very confusing. Cheap or expensive is relative to what you can afford or are willing to spend on dealership floor coatings. To better understand your needs and choices, why not contact us here at Just Right Painting through our website or simply give us a call?