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How to Choose White Colors for Interior House Painting

If you have been tasked with painting a wall or room in your home and the person in charge has chosen white, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is going to be a simple and easy process! Some people think that white is white, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Although it is arguably one of the most neutral color choices on the spectrum (some would even say a lack of color), you would be amazed at how the smallest changes in hues can make such a difference in the wider context of interior decor. If you don’t know where to start, then read through these tips for how to choose white colors for interior house painting.

Is White Appropriate For The Room?

The first thing to do before you even pick a shade of white is a question whether or not it is even the best choice for the room in question. There are some rooms where white looks perfect, but there are others (children’s bedrooms, hallways that are going to experience a lot of action and potential wall scuffing, etc.) that might be more trouble than they are worth. Think about the room you want to paint and whether or not white walls might just end up with you having to do more work in the house!

Is The Room West Facing?

If the room you want to paint is west facing, that means it will get most of the light during the middle of the day. Mornings will be darker in these rooms, which means that a white with warmer undertones might be best to balance out the grayish light at breakfast time. 

Is The Room North Facing?

North-facing rooms never actually get to experience the benefit of full sunlight during the day, so a softer, creamier white with more yellow undertones can be a great choice for adding a feel of natural light to the room.

Is The Room East Facing?

East-facing rooms get the benefit of early morning sunlight, but after lunch, things can start to get a little bit dull. To battle the afternoon shadows, a warmer white is appropriate and does the same kind of job as in a north-facing room.

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Is The Room South Facing?

You get a good amount of natural light all day in south-facing rooms, which frees up your options for white hues. A cooler white with blue tones in it is great because it can give the room an almost shiny edge that keeps things feeling fresh and crisp.

So, if you would like to enlist some professional assistance for your own interior house painting, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Just Right Painting. No matter what shade of white you end up picking, we can guarantee that our service is swift and comprehensive, and in just a few coats your space will be completely transformed for the better. We look forward to hearing from you!