Exterior Painting in Burbank

HOA Compliant Exterior Painting in Burbank

I live in a homeowners association-controlled residential area, so you may come up against some problems if you want to repaint your house. Within the contract that you sign when you purchase your house they should be clear directions about what you can and cannot do. All homeowners associations have these kinds of restrictions. If they are unclear you should approach the board and ask before doing anything on your own. You will probably have to approach the board anyway to repaint your residence, which is part of the rules. To avoid this kind of hassle it is easier to hire a firm like us at Just Right Painting Inc. that has experience in homeowner’s association exterior painting in Burbank.

Why are you painting?

The most common reason is that you want to either refresh the exterior paintwork or change it for another color scheme. Of course, there is also the scenario where the homeowner’s association board has asked you to repaint. The reason for this may be that your exterior paintwork may not be up to scratch for some reason.

Exterior Painting in Burbank


For very good reasons, homeowners associations have these rules. It isn’t just to have a pleasant environment, which is a good enough reason in itself, but also to protect property values in the area. It is one of the reasons that people opt for this type of residential housing. Given that aim, it is obvious that there are going to be restrictions on what residents can do about exterior decoration. One badly painted house or one with a garish color scheme can bring down the tone of the whole neighborhood.


Homeowners associations need to enforce their rules so that everyone complies. It is a sad fact of life, but without penalties for ignoring or breaking the rules, these associations wouldn’t be able to work properly. Their powers to impose fines are enshrined in state law. Some can go further than just fines. So, anything on the outside of your house has to be approved by the committee that runs the association.

Not so strict

Although everyone has to seek permission, whether it is for building or repainting, the restrictions may not be as strict as you may imagine. What homeowners’ associations are looking for above all is a level of conformity in regards to exterior paintwork. By common consent, they have decided on a range of color schemes that they believe will enhance the area. Within the permitted colors and shades they seek consistency. Members are individuals and they don’t expect or want exact duplication when it comes to exterior decoration.

No hassle

If you want to be sure that your redecoration is homeowner association compliant, then leave it in the hands of the our painters Los Angeles county residents trust. We at Just Right Painting Inc. have had relationships with many homeowners’ associations. So, if you are thinking of refreshing your exterior painting in Burbank don’t hesitate to contact us through our website for more information.