Interior Painting in Los Angeles

Does Interior Painting in Los Angeles Increase My House’s Values

There are a few reasons why hiring an interior painting in the Los Angeles service is going to increase the amount your house sells for. However, there is no definable or certain metric that suggests it will definitely push up the value of your house. For example, in most cases, when people build a new garage onto their house, most estate agents can take a reasonable guess as to how much this will increase the value of the house. However, this is not something they can do when it comes to the internal paintwork in your house. Yet, painting the inside of your house may help push up the selling price.

Ruling Out Older and Antiquated Houses

Just to be clear, if you have an old, antiquated house that is worth a lot of money for its historic value and you have it refurbished and restored professionally, then that is going to push up the value of the house. Even a little paintwork may push up the value of the house if it is done accordingly with a mind focused on restoration rather than revamping. However, this is the only real circumstance where an internal paint job will certainly push up the value of a house.

Interior Painting in Los Angeles

You Take Care of Your House

When people buy a house, they are buying from you, they are buying from your estate agent, and they are buying from the appearance of your house. All of this is fairly obvious to most people. For example, if you are looking for a house and the owners speak in low grunts and never bathe, then you probably won’t want their house. If the estate agent is a fast talker who can’t answer a question correctly, then you don’t feel comfortable buying from that person.

On a similar note, if the house is wonderfully painted, then this impresses the potential buyer. It says something about the people doing the selling. It says they took care of their house. This translates into reassuring thoughts about the rest of the house. Why worry too much about the roof, the plumbing, and the electrics if we are buying from somebody who looks after their house so well?

Don’t People See Through This Sort Of Thing?

In other words, every house selling program ever made has told people to decorate their houses in neutral colors or white and to clean up and open the curtains. Aren’t buyers already aware that people are going to clean up and paint their house before selling? If they are aware of this, doesn’t that mean that painting the inside of your house offers no added value?

You would think so wouldn’t you? You would think that most people know a house should be clean and painted before buying, and yet if you go onto a few house-selling websites, you will see quite the opposite. The sheer number of poorly decorated, dilapidated, and dirty houses that are up for sale is epic. Sure, you may not add tens of thousands to the value of your house, but you are going to create the right sort of “Buying” impression if your house is clean and painted before somebody comes to view it (or take photos of it for a website).

In that case, if you are looking for top-quality interior painting in Los Angeles, then get in touch with the team at Just Right Painting and you will be very pleasantly surprised.