Commercial Painting in Beverly Hills

Commercial Painting in Beverly Hills: Reasons to Paint Your Business Office Exterior

Perhaps one of the first reasons to hire a commercial painting Beverly Hills service is to freshen up your building, but are there other reasons? General maintenance reasons seem valid enough. After all, you don’t want your building looking like something out of a horror movie. But, are there reasons beyond general maintenance and freshening up? Here are just a few reasons why you may like to have your building exterior painted.

It is a Cost-Effective Solution

If you hire a good team to paint your building with high-quality paints and varnishes, then it is more cost-effective than trying to maintain the walls and ledges on your own. The level of protection offered by a good paint job is far cheaper in the long run than trying to repair the damage done by flying particulate, the weather, and the sun.

It Helps Your Reputation

Why does a jeweler wear a suit? Why does a car showroom have fancy seating? Do you ever see the chef’s dirty hands after he or she has been peeling potatoes? Having a clean-looking and well-maintained building says a lot about your company. On the contrary, if your building looked scruffy and unloved, then most would assume your company cannot afford to maintain its building.

Commercial Painting in Beverly Hills

Grab People’s Attention

If your building is used to sell to people, then it is possible the paintwork may attract people’s attention. There is a reason why McDonald’s used to paint their building red and yellow when they were featured in malls. It drew people’s attention (see picture).

Plus, sometimes the paint job fits the brand principles in some way. Such as when garages on the sides of highways have loud paintwork with a tire painted on their wall. Or, when a coffee shop named Lavender is painted lavender (see picture).

Sometimes, companies paint their buildings a certain way to help grab attention, and other times they do it to fit in. There are certain shopping and business districts around the world that have a very specific look about them. In order to fit in, the companies that exist in those areas need to have painted or decorated buildings. If they were to neglect their outward appearance, it would reflect very badly on them when clients, customers, and investors visited.

Getting It Done Right

Not to be indelicate, but there are a lot of rogue traders out there. They figure it is easy to slap a little paint on a wall, so they offer their services for a rock bottom price. Yet, there is far more to building painting than one first expects. Getting the primer right will determine if the paintwork lasts months or years. The number of coats will protect against the weather and missed spots or thick spots will show up after a few months and make the paintwork look cheap and nasty. Not to mention that cheap paint peels and fades far quicker than good-quality paint. If you are looking for commercial painting Beverly Hills, you need it done by experts, you need the knowledge, resources, and talent that you can only find with the team at Just Right Painting.