Exterior Painting Contractors

Exterior Painting Contractors’ Tips for Choosing a Color Scheme For Your Business

Why would anybody consider tips from a painting contractor when it comes to color schemes for a business? Shouldn’t it be the decision of higher management? Yes, it should be a higher-management decision, but don’t forget that exterior painting contractors have valuable experience when it comes to external paint jobs. They have seen the best and the worst. They have seen the sort of mistakes that some companies have made and regretted. Getting the thoughts of a professional is always a good idea, especially when you are investing money in something like external building painting.

Does the Color Complement or Contrast the Local Buildings?

If most of the buildings have chosen a certain color pattern or scheme, then choosing something too different will make your business stand out in a bad way. For example, some people think that picking a bold color when other buildings have neutral colors is a good idea. However, they often look like a rotten tooth rather than a stand-out business.

Will The Color Fade Quickly?

Yes, there are certain colors that fade more quickly in the sun. If a part of your business is in direct sunlight for a large portion of the day, then do consider how the paintwork may fade. This is a bigger problem in seaside areas where the saltwater air makes paintwork degrade a little faster. Hot and acid rain may also make some bolder colors fade a little more quickly.

Exterior Painting Contractors

Will Your Business Stand Out in Direct Sunlight?

You wouldn’t think this sort of thing would matter but ask the owner of a roadside/high wayside business, and you will learn just how much it matters. Indirect sunlight, the wrong color can reflect light in a way that makes your building difficult to see. It may also reflect light in a way that makes the corners of a business invisible. There are many cases of highly reflective or bright surfaces that reflect the light in such a way that people driving on highways cannot see the buildings until they have already started to pass them.

Will Your Business Look Good At Night?

This is sort of a trick question because in most cases, if you operate at night, then you have lights shining on your building. With that said, there are certain colors that look terrible when they are lit. For example, black, gray and navy blue colors are difficult to see in the dark, even when they are lit. Also, having more than one color is often a good idea if your business operates at night. The contrasts make lighting the building a little easier.

Work With A Professional Team

As you pick your color scheme, consider which company you are going to hire. It is true that exterior painting contractors are pretty common and fairly low priced, but they are common because it is an in-demand business. They are cheap because anybody can call themselves an external buildings painter. If you want the sort of long-lasting cost-efficient paint job that pays for itself in the long run, then you need to hire a team from a company like Just Right Painting. That is the only way you can guarantee good value for money.