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Brighten Your Home With Interior Painting For Pasadena Properties

Now that we have had to spend a great deal of time inside, more and more homeowners are realizing that their interior space is particularly dull. In the last year, while some of us have had to move home and others have completely renovated their property, many others were obliged to try to fix their interiors as best they could in order to avoid being embarrassed in Zoom meetings. After all of the embarrassment about poor interior design and bland walls, it seems as though we have all chosen to redecorate and bring some light and color into our domestic lives. Alongside the homeowners looking at interior painting Pasadena, there are also many who want to make painting a part of a much wider design. Just Right Painting understands that there will be a few trends in the next 12 months that reflect the movement away from pandemic living.

No More Open Plan

Until a few months ago, most designers would never have admitted that the pandemic has sounded the death-knell of the open floor plan, but the fact is that this once ubiquitous design plan has fallen completely out of fashion. When everyone needs a separate space to hold Zoom meetings, living in one enormous room is entirely unsuitable. So changes for the next year might include more office spaces, more doors and dedicated Zoom meetings, and painting styles to make it clear that each room is different rather than it all being the same space. Home designers acknowledge that the ideal living space has changed, so that we’re “looking to actually have defined spaces again, and some semblance of privacy and compartmentalization for things like working from home”, while other people want space to exercise while their other half is having an online team meeting.

Better Moods, Brighter Interiors

As people move away from the dull colors of beige and cream, it seems that there has been a corresponding lift in the mood of those who have been working from home. Decorations and paintwork that makes shelves and doorframes really pop have created a vibrant, mood altering space and as homeowners notice these changes, so it has encouraged them to do even more. It is no longer important to have everything neatly folded away from sight with minimalist decorations, because it is possible to spark joy inside the home with uplifting colors and bright ornaments that catch the eye. Why sit with various shades of brown and white when something as simple as a pink shelf can lift the spirits so much?

Reaching Out To Designers And Interior Painting Teams In Pasadena

During the last 12 months it has not always been easy to find a suitable set of painters willing to do interior painting. One of the things that has been most important is reaching out to painting contractors while still keeping safe. Painters have sometimes been restricted in how long they can spend at someone else’s house or having to cover up completely in order to provide homeowners with full protection. Both sides have really benefitted from advances in online communication, allowing painters to speak to customers and letting potential customers show contractors what work needs to be done. Designers have responded swiftly to the new demands of online conversations, and it has proven particularly successful. They have been able to see that clients are unhappy with four bland white walls that have nothing to offer and can instead use what is known as saturated paint, creating moods for different rooms, and giving homeowners variety for the first time in decades.

Interior Painting To Suit Your Own Choices

The biggest change that the pandemic has wrought has been to show us how bland our homes were, and how muted our emotions could be when living in these box-like spaces. Within a few months of lockdown styles that had been popular for decades, particularly open-plan living, were gone. When you want a change of interior design, Just Right Painting are here to help you. Simply reach out to us today through our online message portal, or call us for a free estimate at (888) 727-8417 and let us redecorate and add some color to your life.