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2021 Trends Being Followed By Commercial Painting Companies

You might not think so, but the world of commercial painting follows trends just like any other industry, from beauty to fitness to food and beyond! If you are a business owner or somebody who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a business property or premises, then it’s fair to assume that you have gone through your fair share of thinking about aesthetics before, and about just how important it is to make sure you deal with the right kinds of commercial painting companies. With all of this mind, here are some of the biggest trends in 2021 being followed by commercial painting companies.

  •       Color Balance

Rather than picking a single color and sticking to it for your exterior, the 2021 way of things is to assess the color wheel and find a combination of colors that complement each other really well. A visually pleasing combination of colors can be really beneficial when it comes to cementing a solid and recognizable brand, so have a good think about what colors you want to represent your company.

  •       Consider Eco Friendly

We are more environmentally conscious now than we have ever been, and that goes all the way down through to the decision that you make with commercial painting companies. Did you know that light color paint on a building exterior can be more energy efficient by actually regulating the temperature and climate? Also, making sure you choose low or no-VOC paint and coatings can lead to a healthier environment overall.

  •       Durability

More and more business owners in 2021 are concerned with the durability and dependability of their paint work, making sure that whatever they have done can stand up to the weather, sunlight and various maintenance work and repairs that will be needed over the years. Look out for keywords like ‘fade resistant’ and ‘UV ray resistant’ and you will know for sure that the work you are having done will be able to stand the test of time regardless of the conditions of your environment.

  •       Marketability

If you want to make a splash with your new paint work, then consider doing something outlandish or out of the box that is going to turn heads! Everything that trends in 2021 starts out by going viral on the various social media platforms, so if your business is the kind of place that is appropriate for an over the top or out of the ordinary paint job, then don’t be afraid to lean into it with the chance of going viral!

So, if you are in need of one of the best commercial painting companies for your own business property, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Just Right Painting for the leading experts in the field. No matter what trend you personally would like to employ, or if you want to go for something completely against the grain to stand out, we have the team to be able to make that vision a reality. We look forward to working with you!