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What are the Possible Colors to Choose That Can Help You Sleep?

Painting your bedroom by yourself can be daunting. That’s why it’s best to leave this job to a professional painting company. Just Right Painting offers affordable house painting in Burbank that includes helping you choose the right colors ideal for a certain room. If you’re planning to paint your bedroom, you would want to consider colors that can help you sleep. You might just be like most people in the world. That is, getting a good night’s sleep has become difficult for you. Thanks to stress and poor sleep hygiene. 

Affordable House Painting in Burbank Recommends the Right Colors for Sleep 

Colors impact how you feel. So, what colors to choose to help you sleep. You can start by contacting our professional patients at Just Right Painting. Dial this number today: (888) 727-8417. Before finding out what colors that can promote sleep, let’s first talk about the color of light that can lull you to sleep. You might have heard that bright lights must be avoided before bed. However, some colors of light are just as disruptive as bright lights. Researchers of this review of studies found that specialized photoreceptors in your eyes are sensitive to light with wavelengths between 450 and 480 nanometers. The blue color appears within these wavelengths. Red light might stimulate sleep. However, there’s evidence that a person’s preference may play a role. Researchers in a small study found that participants in red light therapy improved their sleep quality. Their melatonin levels also significantly improved compared to those who were not exposed to any light. Then again, it still depends on your taste. You may be exposed to your preferred light color and you fall asleep quicker. 

Calming Colors 

If you’re not sure what color to pick, you should look at the shade of paints in spas, hotels, and resorts as they have one thing in common. That is, all of them use colors that can help their clients relax and escape temporarily from their real world. These establishments are using neutral hues, like gray, beige, green tan, and brown. They can cool your limbic systems. In that case, you should opt for neutral colors. Light to medium blue hues can be appropriate as they are the most calming among the many colors. However, color is just one factor that can help you sleep better. Your habits, too, can have an impact on your sleep. One habit you must avoid is consuming caffeine in the mid-afternoon. Caffeine is known to keep you awake. So, no matter what color you choose to paint in your bedroom, you might still have a hard time sleeping because of too much caffeine in your system. 


Light and colors in your bedroom can affect how you sleep at night. Red light may induce sleepiness while neutral colors can help you fall asleep quicker. If you are planning to repaint your bedroom with neutral colors, opt for our affordable house painting Burbank residents trust. This service will ensure that the paint job will be done with precision and perfection. We use quality paint that best suits your bedroom. Call us for an estimate (888) 727-8417.