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Tips for Interior Painting in Studio City: Colors to Avoid for Small Rooms

Whether you have painted rooms in your home before or you are starting out on your first-ever redecorating project, there is always something new that you can learn or read to make sure that you do as good a job as possible! For smaller rooms in a home in particular, picking the perfect color for painting your walls is arguably the most important thing that you can do for the overall vibe of the space. With this in mind and taking our cue from leaders in the interior design field, here is a list of colors that we think it is best to avoid for interior painting in Studio City when decorating small rooms. 

Dark Blue

Blue is always a popular choice for room painting, but the smaller the space is, the less you are going to want to lean toward darker shades. You want to infuse as much light, whether real light or illusion, into the room as possible, and a nice light blue can do that. Making a small, dark space even darker with heavy paint colors is going to have the effect of turning it into a claustrophobic cave, and that isn’t the vibe anybody is looking for!


On the spectrum of neutrals, many people argue that gray is the color that evokes the most immediate gravitas, but it is also very divisive. There have been many studies that have shown that gray is a color that makes people incline towards hibernation-type behavior and the smallness of a space can also add to that feeling. Of course, if you are painting a small bedroom then this might not be the worst idea, but if the space is something like an office, it could have an impact on productivity.

Vibrant Red

Red is a big, bright, bold choice to make, but it can also be quite stress-inducing over time if all four walls are painted in the same color. The smaller the room is, the less fitting red is going to be because there won’t be enough space to let everything ‘breathe’, so to speak. Opting for something like a subtle pink instead might be a better option.

Interior Painting in Studio City


White was always seen as the safest choice for a small room, but it can run the risk of making the space feel too clinical, almost like a hospital room or something. This can easily be counteracted by shifting the tones just a little bit and going for an off-white, tinged white or pleasant beige instead.

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