Tips for Exterior Painting in West Hollywood to Make Your Paint Last

Painting an interior wall is something that, after thinking about it for a bit, you can probably figure out yourself. Painting exterior walls, however, will be an entirely different thing, and one that will probably need some pointers. Here are our tips to prepare for exterior painting in West Hollywood.

Tips for Exterior Painting in West Hollywood

When it comes to exterior painting, not just in West Hollywood but in all of Los Angeles, you run into a very particular issue: the sun. The Southern California sunlight is a wonderful asset to the city, but it does bring its relentless effect to our structures’ exterior surfaces, particularly their color. How many billboards and signs start fading within a few months after they’ve been installed? Exterior painting will always come with its challenges, and the intense sunlight here will only add onto that. In order to ensure that you end up with a reliable paint job, we offer you a few tips on what you can do to prepare.

Clean and Wash the Exterior Surface

This is a very important component of the overall process that a lot of people don’t always consider at the time of painting any surface, but particularly exterior ones. It’s necessary that the surface you are painting is clean for the paint to not only look good, but also last long enough to be worth it. Power washing the exterior of the house will remove any loose paint and ensure good adhesion of the new paint job. Part of this process will also involve making sure that any exposed raw wood in the structure first receives a primer coat. If there are any joints along wood trim, it’s also a good idea to caulk these before painting.

Cover Windows and Doors

This one is fairly obvious, but it’s definitely worth reminding. Exterior painting in West Hollywood can be a very extensive process, so it’s easy to miss out on some of its components. Doors and windows can be very vulnerable during exterior painting process, so you will want to protect them so that they are not stained or have to be repainted later. This is usually done with special tape, cloth, or plastic, whatever works best for the shape and structure of these openings. Additionally, if you don’t want any paint on your yard, plants, or concrete, be sure to spread drop cloths around the perimeter of the structure to protect them from staining and damage.

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Choose Quality Painters

If this all seems like a lot of work, it’s probably because it is. Painting in general can be a huge task, let alone when it’s exteriors that you are painting. The best way to avoid having to go through all this to simply paint your structure is to reach out to the experts in exterior painting in West Hollywood. Our team here at Just Right Painting is ready to help you with your new paint job in a way that protects your structure, delivers reliable results, and ensures longevity. You can contact us by phone at 1.888.727.8417, by email at info@justrightpaintinginc.com, or through the contact form on our website.