HOA Painting in Los Angeles

Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Color for HOA Painting in Los Angeles

As you probably already know, HOA painting in Los Angeles is not straightforward because you often have to get permission from the homeowner’s association (HOA) before you begin. Plus, in many cases, the HOA actually wants you to paint your house every few years. This may mean you are paying to paint your house a color that you don’t actually want. Though with that said, the color the house was when you bought it will still be allowed today, so if you didn’t like the color of the house when you bought it, you probably shouldn’t have bought it. With that said, here are a few tips for choosing the right color for your house.

Do You Have Permission to Paint? 

You will need to go to the HOA and get permission to paint your house. They may already have rules in place about colors, painting times, quality levels, and so forth. In this case, you may be able to avoid getting permission by simply following the rules. If you are able to paint your house, then find out if the HOA has any rules about color choices.

Do You Go Along With The Crowd?

Are you going to paint your house the same colors as the other people in your street? In many cases, this looks great. However, if several of your neighbors have very different colors, then going along with the same colors as your closest neighbors may not look so great.

HOA Painting in Los Angeles

Do You Pick a Different Color?

If your neighbors have one set of colors, do you go for different colors? Perhaps setting yourself apart, in this case, may help your house stand out a little. Your goal is not to look better, since you are painting your house a different color will make your neighbor’s houses stand out too.

Do You Contrast or Complement?

Some colors contrast and come compliment. You have to choose if you want the colors of your house to look like they fit in with those around you. Or, if you want your house to really stand out against those around you. Be careful with your choice because it is possible to pick both options and still get it wrong.

Is Your Color Easy to Maintain?

As a side note, some colors are more difficult to maintain than others. For example, yellow is pretty easy to maintain, but pure white will look dirty rather quickly. You would think that pitch-black would be easy to maintain, but that is not true. Even the smallest amounts of dirt or leaves will show up on your house like white chalk does on a blackboard.

Do You Want to Paint the House Yourself?

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with painting the outside of a house is that getting it right is very difficult. It seems pretty simple at first, but you have to remember that every time you paint a coat, you can paint it wrong. For example, if you go over the same place twice, then it shows. On the other hand, if you paint a single coat and then miss areas/places on your second coat, then it will show up when the paint dries. If you do miss parts or go over parts too many times, you can’t tell until it is dry, and by that time it is too late. If you try to fix the areas you messed up after it has all dried, then it will look even worse. In most cases, it is best to hire professionals to do your HOA Painting in Los Angeles. That is why you should get in touch with Just Right Painting and get a free quote right away.