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There’s Nothing Slap-dash About our Painting Jobs

That is our claim and we stand by it. We at Just Right Painting have been professional painters in Los Angeles for over 17 years and we wouldn’t have survived in the decorating field that long if it wasn’t true. Most of our work comes from personal recommendation and so, we have a reputation to upkeep. One that we are very proud of. After preparing your premises we work very quickly, knowing that you want to see the back of us as quickly as possible. We understand that having the decorators in is very disruptive, whether it is a residential, commercial or corporate job. Having us in your home breaks your normal routines, corporate or commercial jobs disrupts the work flow and may impact on your revenues. For that reason we endeavor to work as fast and as efficiently as possible, but there’s nothing slap-dash about it.


Efficiency is all about being prepared, having the right tools for the job and an experienced team of professional painters. Because of our experience, preparation is like second nature to us. All surfaces are cleaned beforehand to receive a fresh application of paint. Parts of the structure that aren’t going to be painted are covered. Floors are covered with sheeting to catch stray drops. Furniture or office equipment that cannot be removed are gathered together to create space for our guys to move and are covered with drop-cloths to protect them. The actual application of the paint is organized on areas or on a room to room basis in a methodical manner. That way no one bumps into each other or gets in each other’s way and each painter has a designated work area. Everyone knows what they are doing and where they are doing it. As professional painters in Los Angeles, this methodical planning greatly improves efficiency and therefore the timeframe.

painters in Los Angeles


There’s nothing slap-dash about how we treat our customers either. Each and every job, whether corporate, commercial or residential is approached with the same level of seriousness and respect, large or small, that any paying customer should expect. As we are a commercial concern ourselves we understand people expect a business-like approach. Being painters in Los Angeles has taught us to be honest and open about our charges and quotes, because that’s what people want and expect of anyone or company they contract to provide a service for them. We believe that painting is no different from any other contractual service. Our word is our bond.

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Check out the testimonials on our website before making any decisions. We have worked for many house owners associations in the past who are now valued and ongoing clients. We aim to satisfy all our customers’ expectations, if not exceed them, in terms of value for money, quality of work and materials, and completing the work within the timeframe required. In an effort to give back something to the community that supports us we also donate one painting project per year to a non-profit organization. You can contact us through our website for more information and quotes.