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The Top 5 Colors Commercial Painting Companies Will Push in Fall 2023

When thinking about refreshing a commercial premises to give your business a new boost of life and energy, one of the biggest factors of consideration should always be the paint color that you choose for your theming. Any decor expert will tell you that the colors used in a painting project work to reflect and emphasize the atmosphere of any premises, so depending on the vibe and goal of your commercial venture, you definitely need to spend some time picking the perfect colors for your vibe. Painting contractors are always happy to help advise on paint colors as they tend to keep up with the latest trends. Here are five of the top colors that commercial painting companies are going to be pushing in fall 2023.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that brown is a boring color, especially when the spectrum of hues is so wide and varied. Autumnal statement walls that feature anything from chocolate browns to lighter mushrooms and everything in between are very fitting of the season, and they are neutral enough to work well with almost every other kind of color choice you can think of.


The trend for purple clothing in recent months has translated into decor too, with lavender being identified as a really strong candidate for commercial painting this year. This light side of purple is extremely versatile and evokes nothing but calm and luxury, ideal for a commercial space.

Bold Reds

One of the most striking colors in autumnal nature is the dark red that some of the best leaves turn into, and lots of people are choosing to reflect that boldness in their paint colors this season. There is something deeply warm and relaxing about a deep, bold red space, not to be confused with a vibrant, bright red that can be more chaotic and stressful.


Slightly in line with the lavender trend, there has also been a rise in the use of sophisticated pinks. We’re not talking about the bright, loudness of the Barbie or Dior shade, but more about the mature, muted kinds of pinks on the lower end of the spectrum. More dusty pinks are a strong trend this fall, evoking maturity and lightness.

Blue/Green Jewel Tones

Blue and green jewel tones have been identified as great colors to counteract the grayness of the weather outside this fall. You can almost think of the colors as mood ring tones for your wall! There is a magical, whimsical side to the choice that works really well at this time of year.

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