The Guide for How to Best Take Care of Exterior Painting in Malibu

Exterior painting will always be somewhat of a hassle. It’s, after all, continuously exposed to the elements, making it especially vulnerable to a variety of threats to its look and integrity. This is only heightened when your home or business is in a place such as Malibu and you have to deal with the seaside effects as well. In order to better prepare and take care of the look of your home, here are our tips for the upkeep of exterior painting in Malibu

Protect Against Saltwater

Living by the Pacific means you get to enjoy going for a swim in that cool saltwater whenever you feel like it. However, it also means that you have to take into account that saltwater has plenty of access to your home. Even if it’s not actually touching your home at any point, it can cause problems. Why? Because there’s salt in the air by the ocean. In fact, that’s what makes for the characteristic beach smell. If your exterior paint isn’t protected, saltwater can quickly cause chipping, fading, and peeling, which is why, when doing exterior painting in Malibu, it’s important to have a sealant applied to the outer coat. This way you can make the paint all the more resistant to the effects of saltwater.

Protect Against Moisture

Living by the sea will also come with its fair share of humidity and, hence, moisture. As we all know, accumulated moisture can lead to mold, which can slowly eat up at the exterior paint, making it crack and peel after some time. If you want to avoid issues with moisture, clean or wash the exterior of the home regularly. While this might seem like a lot of work, it’s a lot more convenient than having to invest on another paint job eventually when moisture starts showing. While a sealant will help prevent moisture from affecting the paint from underneath, cleaning will keep it from attacking it from the outside.

exterior painting in Malibu

Protect Against Sunlight

There’s a reason we all enjoy going to the beach when it’s warm and sunny outside. After all, it’s the perfect environment to enjoy the heat since you have the sea and the wind to keep you cool. However, the beach sunlight will also mean that your house will be at the receiving end of harsh UV rays, specifically your exterior paint job. Sun exposure, along with humidity, can create a sort of soap-like film on the paint over time. This will gradually lead to fading, which is why, when taking care of exterior painting in Malibu, it’s good to wash the surface with a mild detergent when this starts to happen. This way, you can avoid having to touch up the paint when it starts to fade.

Exterior Painting in Malibu

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