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Is It Ideal to Paint During the Summer?

Our affordable house painting Hollywood residents trust is available throughout the year. You just need to contact Just Right Painting to schedule an appointment with our professional painters. But what if you want a house painting job done in hot weather. Is it a safe decision? 

Hiring Affordable House Painting in Hollywood in the Summer 

Many people think that summer is the best season to do painting jobs because it rains less. And because of the hot weather, the paint would easily dry. However, some days in the summer can get too hot. Keep in mind that the ideal temperature to paint your home exteriors is 70°F. If you choose latex, the paint can work best between 50° and 85°. For oil-based paint, it can go from 40° to 90°. But if you’re using other types of paint, a temperature of over 95° can be too hot to handle. Keep in mind that excessive heat can affect the painting itself. It dries too quickly, resulting in an uneven finish. If it’s too hot, it can also prevent the paint from bonding properly to the surface. It will result in blistered or peeling paint. If this happens, you will need to re-do the painting job. 

Consider the Humidity Level 

Humidity can cause issues too. If it’s too humid outside, it prevents the paint from drying. Furthermore, it can trigger condensation on the house. It can lead to poor fading, streaks, and adhesion. It can also be windy during summer. And the wind is another issue you consider because the paint dries unevenly if it’s too windy. It can also blow debris into the paint, thereby, disrupting the outcome. Not only that but high winds can also cause accidents as they can topple ladders. Hence, it’s not recommended to paint if it’s too breezy outside. 

What’s the Best Time to Paint Your Exterior? 

Even though summer can be too hot, painting your house is still possible. If you hire our professional painters at Just Right Painting, we can get the job done no matter the temperature outside. We have the necessary equipment and protective gear to help us perform our painting jobs without compromising the quality. Our professional painters know when to paint during the day. For instance, they can start early in the morning or in the mid-afternoon. They can work on the parts of your house that are in the shade. The painters will move with the sun as they work. They are trained to paint at any time of the day, as long as it’s not raining. Painting the exterior part of the house isn’t a joke. It requires specialists to do it properly because a painting job isn’t DIY. Hiring our professional painters will ensure that you get quality painting results. Keep in mind that no matter how expensive the paint you use, if it’s not painted by professionals, the outcome will still be subpar. 

How to Hire a Professional Painter? 

You can obtain our affordable house painting in Hollywood and get timely completion. Talk to us today to know more about this service and get a free estimate: (888) 727-8417.