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How to Get Ready for Your Office to be painted

Is your office looking a bit worn and tacky? If it is, then it is time to call in the painters for a bit of redecoration. Presentation is important when dealing with the public. If you are providing white collar services, then first impressions are a vital part of the image that you project. Ok, it’s a bind having to shut down or shift your operations until the work is completed, but there are some simple things that you can do to speed up the process. The easier the access that the painters have, the quicker they can get on and finish the job. We at Just Right Painting would like to lay out a few basic things to do once you have contracted a firm to do commercial painting in Malibu.


It may go without saying but be sure that you have decided on the correct color scheme before the professional painters start. Switching color schemes halfway through will only delay the job. It might be a good idea to consult an interior designer beforehand. It’s all about the image that you wish to project. The painting firm that you contract can even help you with that, as they have had many years of experience in decoration. Remember, colors have effects on people. This is true for your staff as well as your customers. Color schemes can impact on work ethic, productivity and morale among your employees. Similarly, colors can produce feelings of well-being and trust in clients. Make sure that you get it right the first time.

commercial painting in Malibu.


Some firms that contract to do commercial painting in Malibu offer a comprehensive service, which means they remove or shift your office furniture, and all the other little things that people forget when preparing for the painters. To move things along more quickly, you can do the moving yourselves. Don’t worry, any furniture or equipment that can’t be removed from the work area will be covered by drop cloths or plastic sheeting by the painters.


Cleaning your office area is a very good idea too. Dust has a tendency to accumulate on lintels and shirting boards. In the course of everyday cleaning these places are easily overlooked. A good dusting, wiping, sweeping and mopping will ensure that there aren’t dirty particles that can be kicked up and settle on the fresh paintwork.


Other things that you can do are remove all window blinds, drapes, and curtains. Plus, don’t forget to take down all wall ornamentation. It is far better to remove them completely than trusting to cover them up. Paintings and photographs, along with any kind of art or decoration should be taken from the walls, including the nails, tacks and hooks. Don’t worry about the small holes left behind, the painters will fill them in and paint over them. Light fittings should be covered up too.

Simple tips

There you have it. A few simple tips that will save you time and possibly money. We at Just Right Painting have been doing commercial painting in Malibu for many years and we understand that you don’t want to disrupt your business any more than necessary. Why not talk to us about your next decoration?