HOA and condo painting

How to be Compliant with HOA and Condo Painting

When you live in a property that isn’t actually owned by you and you alone, seemingly simple tasks like interior redecorating can actually be more tricky and difficult than you would expect. In many places, it isn’t as easy as deciding on a color and getting on with it, your choices often have to be part of a wider regulation list that tells you what is permitted and what isn’t permitted by the property owners. This is common practice in HOA properties and condos, so if you live in one and want to freshen up the space, you need to do a few things before getting the professionals in. Here is how to be compliant with HOA and condo painting regulations.

Make Sure You Know What’s Allowed

The best and most obvious place to start with a task like this is knowing exactly what your HOA’s rules are, and these will be written out in the documentation that you have relating to your tenancy. The paperwork will break down all of the different responsibilities and rules, and this will include notes on both interior and exterior painting. A quick check of these documents will let you know where you stand before you can get carried away with your project ideas.

Screen Contractors To See If They Are Acceptable

Depending on the regulations of your housing situation, it might be the case that they do allow painting, but only via a set list of contractors and companies that they have pre-approved. It’s worth getting in contact with the powers that be and asking if they have a list they you need to refer to in your planning process. This can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Clean Your Property In Preparation

Once you have organized a company and date for the paint job to be done, it is good practice to thoroughly clear and clean the areas that are going to be painted by the professionals coming in to do the job. This is particularly important if the painting is on the exterior of the property, as things like grime, mold and mildew can all pose problems. Thankfully, these can all be removed with minimal effort on your part.

HOA and condo painting

Try To Color Coordinate With The Building

Another factor of consideration for an exterior paint job is not going too against the grain when it comes to the other parts of your shared building. You don’t want to anger your landlord by selecting a color that completely clashes with every other area. Stay within the same kind of spectrum as the rest, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

If what you want to be done is indeed compliant with HOA and condo painting regulations for your building, then go ahead and get in touch with Just Right Painting. The vast experience and skill of the team make Just Right Painting the perfect choice for any interior painting project. We very much look forward to hearing from you and being able to bring your design ambitions to life in your home.