Interior Painting in West Hollywood

How Long Does Interior Painting in West Hollywood Take?

When it comes to home DIY projects, it’s right to say there is a ranking in terms of what needs the most time allotted to it in order to achieve the best results! Of course, you should always take your time to get it right no matter what you are doing in the home if you want it to look presentable, but something that deserves that little bit of extra care and attention is absolutely interior painting. When it is such a big feature of any room, it needs to be perfect! With this in mind, here are some pointers about how long it might take to complete an interior painting in West Hollywood.

Consider The Size Of The Room

Of course, the biggest factor in project length is going to be how big the room you need to decorate is. The larger the room, the more time you need to allot to paint it, it’s just common sense! Keep in mind that the bigger the room is, the bigger the cost is also going to be, as you will need more paint to cover the walls and woodwork. 

Prep Work

One of the main benefits of hiring a professional painter to do the work for you is that it drastically cuts down on the amount of prep work that you yourself have to do. It might be just a case of moving furniture and valuables in the room that is being painted and then letting the pro take over, but in some cases, the hired team will even perform that for you as well! Depending on the condition of your walls, the painter might need to perform extra steps like washing, sanding, and dusting, and this is something that can take time. In general, an average-sized (420 square foot) room will need around 80 minutes of prep.

Interior Painting in West Hollywood

Actual Painting Time

So the planning and prep are done, and it is time to finally get painting. How long can you expect the process to take? Typically, it will take a professional painter about 40 minutes to put a single coat on an average-sized room, so you can add time to that figure if you are planning on doing the painting for yourself! Usually, at least two coats of paint will need to be applied for a perfect job, so that is 80 minutes minimum. You may purchase paint that is described as one coat but the success of this will depend on the color you’re painting over. For woodwork, you may also need to make time for undercoat and gloss.

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