Exterior Painting in Burbank

Maybe Cheap Exterior Painting in Burbank is Better Than an Expensive One

You can buy an exterior painting in Burbank and most online articles tell you that you should pay for the most expensive services. They say that it saves you money in the long run because cheap paint will peel or look bad, and cheap services are often done wrong and without undercoat primer and such. Yet, there are some times when the cheaper exterior painting is just as functional as getting it done for more money.

Let’s Make the Math Argument

Person “A” has a house painted cheaply and it costs $400, and person “B” has a house painted to very high quality, and it costs $1500. The person with the high-quality paint job is going to be able to enjoy that paint job for a lot longer. Let’s say that the paint job for person “B” lasts for a good 10 years. Person “A” pays only $400 and the paintwork stays nice for around three years.

If we do the math, person “B” pays $1500 every 10 years, and person “A” pays $400 every three years. Then person “A” with the cheap paintwork and cheaper service is still getting a better deal. That person is paying $134 per year while the high-quality paint person is paying $150 per year.

Now, these are only examples. There are a lot of variables and reasons for different prices, but the fact is that it is possible to have a house painted cheaply and still save money compared to those who pay for a top-quality paint job.

Exterior Painting in Burbank

Good Paintwork Can Still Get Damaged

People always focus on how a cheap paint job will peel more quickly, is more easily damaged, will fade more quickly, won’t offer as much protection, and so forth. Yet, people forget that a top-quality paint job can still get damaged. If you live in an area where there are yearly high winds, then your paintwork is going to get just as scuffed up no matter how good your paint job is.

The truth is that a high-quality paint job is going to cause you less trouble. It is going to offer your house more protection and so forth, and you don’t need the painters around your house as often. However, this idea that getting it done by professionals for a top dollar amount is in some way better is a little misguided. As noted in this article, there are plenty of reasons why a low-cost paint job may still see you come out on top.

Getting it Done Right

In most cases, you want your exterior painting in Burbank to be done right, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay top prices for the work. Try to strike a happy medium between good-quality painting services and getting a lower cost. If you want a more reasonable quote for your external house painting, then get in touch with Just Right Painting today. You don’t have to accept poor quality work, but don’t let people tell you that having the most expensive paint job is the best because it isn’t.