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Want to spruce up your home? Need professional painters? Are you in need of a new color scheme for your business premises? Then you have come to the right place. Just Right Painting has been decorating homes and businesses in Beverly Hills for over 17 years now. We believe ourselves to be the best Beverly Hills painters in the business.

In a very competitive field, we have stayed the course and there are very good reasons for this. This is mainly due to our customer-orientated attitude and work ethic. Client satisfaction is our aim. We know that word-of-mouth recommendations is the best advertising we can get. We are not so big that we turn our noses up at small jobs nor so small that we can’t tackle the big jobs too.

Over the years we have had continued success with both residential and commercial painting, interior and exterior alike. It may only be painting, but we use the best materials and strive for excellence on every contract we take on. We are much more than just a bunch of cowboys that slap on a bit of paint for a few extra bucks. We are a serious commercial company that is fully insured against liability.

Beverly Hills painters

Our Services

As stated above, we do both interior and exterior painting work, but offer more than other Beverly Hills painters.  

Size: the size of the job, length, breadth, or height doesn’t matter to us as we are fully equipped to meet all the requirements.

Interior: interior work is undertaken with meticulous attention to detail. No job is finished until the customer is satisfied. Painting can be a messy business, but we strive to work as neatly as possible and always clean up after ourselves!

Exterior: as exteriors are more exposed to the ravages of the environment, sunlight, wind, and rain, plus air pollution, etc., we advise our clients on the best type of materials to use to keep their paintwork pristine for as long as possible.

Floor Coating: we also offer concrete floor coating to protect commercial or industrial concerns. Constant traffic causes a lot of wear and tear. There are various types of coating to choose from, depending on your needs.

Cabinet Refinishing: if your cabinets are looking old and worn before their time, we can help you with that too. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets will revitalize their look and it is a more economical alternative than buying new ones again.

Just Right

As you can see our company isn’t a one-trick pony. We have had success in partnerships with a range of Homeowners Associations across Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. We also do more than other Beverly Hills painters. So, if you are in need of new decoration, don’t delay. Contact us through our website or call for a free estimate.