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5 Unhappy Colors to Avoid for Residential Painting in Calabasas

Have you ever thought about the emotions of the colors that you choose to use in your home decor? Of course, there are the obvious connotations that bright versus dark have, but there is much more to think about than simply yellow for brightness and black for darkness! For indoor painting in particular, you want to make sure that the choices you make combine to provide the mood and atmosphere you most desire in a particular space or room. After all, your living environment is the place where you spend the majority of your leisure time! With all of this in mind, here are five classically unhappy colors to avoid for residential painting in Calabasas.


Red is a very significant color for humans, as it actually has the power to activate the fight or flight instinct that lays dormant within all of us. Obviously, when the aim is to settle down and relax at the end of a day’s work, you don’t want to experience any large blocks of decoration that might trigger a stress response like increased heart rate or higher body temperature!


A lot of people assume that yellow is a safe, neutral color, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Yellow, very bright yellow particularly, actually has the power to trigger a negative emotional response in people by stimulating the nervous system. Yellow is a color that should be used with caution.


The color blue is known for affecting your mind and your creativity, as its primary action is to trigger a mental response. You will notice that the vast majority of social media apps use blue color schemes in their design, and that is because blue is known for stimulating the mind and therefore keeping you up at night scrolling. It is a clever tactic and perhaps not one that you want to replicate with the decoration in your own home.


Gray is very trendy right now, but it can create feelings of low energy that might make you inclined to want to hibernate. Of course, this might be the desired effect in a bedroom, but be wary of choosing gray for something like a living room or office where you want to be more active.

Any Deeply Saturated Color

More of a style than a single color, but you should also try to avoid using any colors that are overly saturated. When something is too stimulating, it is not likely to be soothing at the same time, and you want to make your home environment as soothing a space as possible. Opt for softer hues over super-saturated ones.

Residential Painting in Calabasas

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