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Affordable House Painting Tips: How to Remove Stains from Walls

Affordable house painting tips are quite necessary, as this is something tricky. Any homeowner will be able to tell you that no matter how careful you are the walls somehow get dirty. The crazy thing is, is that you are seldom aware of how the walls got their stains in the first place.

Before you know it, a new mark had appeared out of nowhere and the dirty wall gives the whole room an unkempt look. After a fresh coat of paint, owners want to keep their walls clean for as long as possible.

A quick dusting usually does the trick, but giving your walls a good cleaning once or twice a year is the ultimate.

How should you clean your walls?

For maintenance cleaning, the best way to do it is by making a water and vinegar mixture. Using a soft cloth, you can wipe your walls down with minimal effort. However, when you wipe it down, you need to ensure that there isn’t any excess water.

It could leave drip marks, much like the marks you see on your windscreen after the rain. You also need to avoid using brushes or scrubbers as this could damage the paint coat and leave marks that you can’t wash off.

affordable house painting tips

What about stubborn stains?

Sometimes the water and vinegar mix won’t do the trick to remove a stain. In these instances, you could consider using a cleaning eraser.

These sponges were designed to do spot cleaning without damaging the paint. However, you should still be cautious when scrubbing an isolated area and not scrub too hard. You could end up spreading the stain instead.

Using a stronger cleaning agent should be your next resort and the type of paint you have on your walls will determine what type of cleaner you could use. Latex paint is not a fan of strong chemical cleaners whereas oil-based paints are sturdier.

Not all stains are created equal

Before you attempt cleaning the stain, you need to determine what stain you are working with. Oil or grease stains can easily become an ugly sight, but the logical cleaner will do the job in no time.

Using dishwashing liquid is perfect for the job seeing that it is designed to dissolve grease and oil. However, it is always a good idea to test the cleaning agent a small section of the wall before doing a large area.

Kids love their stickers and they will cover your walls if you don’t intervene. To remove the ones that are there already, take a hairdryer to soften the glue. This will make it peel off easier. Vinegar is then used to clean the glue residue.

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