Exterior Painting Pasadena

Why You Need To Get Exterior Painting In Pasadena Right

The exterior of a home is the first thing that people see when they arrive, and often leaves a lasting impression on them. As things start to go back to normal after the pandemic, homeowners may want to take a look at the outside of their property and decide whether it would be worth hiring an expert exterior painting in Pasadena to restore the home and make it look bright and attractive. Whether thinking of visitors or planning to sell, there is never a better time to transform the exterior of the home than now, and Just Right Painting recommends that property owners start thinking about the colors that they want to use, and the finished appearance that they are hoping for. We can also explain a few things about exterior painting to help homeowners understand what they need to consider.

Giving The Property Some Curb Appeal

What is the thing that brings potential buyers back to the property again and again? It is that first glimpse of an attractive looking property, brightly colored and seeming to be brand new. Exterior paintwork is an essential part of prepping the home for visitors of any kind, and there are some key colors that are designed to stand out from the crowd and interest buyers. Of course, not everybody wants to sell, and these colors can also help the homeowner make a good impression on Great Aunt Barbara when she comes to visit. In the years before the pandemic, customers were advised to make use of a blend of white and grey in order to create a blank canvas for others to imprint their own ideas onto, but the months in lockdown have made everyone reluctant to see another blank white wall. Instead, homeowners might want to consider a lighter, pastel shade, with gray left to the garage doors or window fixtures. Discussions with expert exterior housepainters may benefit the client before any final decisions are made.

Choose Contrasting Colors

Another important element to make the home stand out is to have a mixture of contrasting colors. It is important that these don’t clash, but instead combine to increase the sale of the house. For example, analysis shows “a black front door can boost the price of your home by almost three percent”. That’s not to be sniffed at, and it is worth considering as one of the design features. A bold door color should be complemented by matching colors on window frames, feature trims and even the eaves of the property. Using the right mixture of colors will give the home additional flair and style, although we don’t recommend that you go as far as the lady from New Orleans who painted her house black to commemorate the pandemic.

Choose Exterior Painting Colors In Pasadena That Match Your Home

Los Angeles is a glorious mixture of different house styles, including Victorian mansion, Golden Age properties in Silverlake, modern homes in other neighborhoods, and many other ages of property in between. So it is important that homeowners choose colors and feature paints that match the existing style of the home. For example, 19th Century homes need subtle shades that don’t make the property seem like a Disney cartoon, while more modern homes should avoid those saturated shades of paint in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the colors. In addition, if the home is part of an HOA, and subject to its rules, then the owner may need to have permission to repaint the house and be restricted on the colors that they can choose.

Searching For Exterior Painting Pasadena

Homeowners often seek advice about how best to decorate the exterior of their home and talking to the team at Just Right Painting can be very important if you want to know more about how to paint the outside of your property. Our experienced teams can assist you with deciding on the colors you want, and we can arrange to give you a free onsite evaluation of your property, including what the home needs to keep it in good condition. Find out more by filling out our online contact form, or call us at (888) 727-8417 now.