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Why We Suggest Houses of All the Same Color for HOA Painting

When it comes to neighborhood harmony and maintaining an enjoyable aesthetic in and around your home environment, homeowners associations (HOAs) can play a really important role including administering and forcing regulations about the look of the community.

Something that very much falls within their remit is often the external appearance of the homes under their jurisdiction, usually relating to the fact that owners are required to stick to a certain color or colors when it comes to the exterior of their property. 

If you are a HOA managing agent or similar, you might consider having all property exteriors painted the same color. Here’s why single-color exteriors are a good solution for HOA painting.

It Gives Visual Cohesion

The most obvious benefit of a dictated color scheme for HOA homes is that it helps to maintain a pleasing aesthetic cohesion across the neighborhood. Creating a harmonious color palette across a set of homes is a simple way to keep the atmosphere welcoming and appealing.

It Reduces Visual Clutter

If there are a few homes dotted around a neighborhood that really stand out from the rest in terms of design and decoration, it can end up creating something of a visual clutter for the entire area. Rather than achieving the unique and quirky vibe that was clearly intended, the stark difference just causes aesthetic confusion.

There’s a Timeless Appeal

When things are more uniform and well maintained in a neighborhood, there is no arguing with the fact that it preserves a kind of timeless appeal that is so sought after in family home areas in particular. Classic, neutral colors are something that is never going to go out of style when it comes to home exteriors, so it makes sense to go with something that is always going to look appropriate.

It Means Lower Maintenance Costs

The truth is that when you are in the position of having a single, neutral color on the exterior of your property, makes the maintenance easier and more cost-effective over time. When the same color is used across the board, it makes little touch-ups a lot easier to perform, with no need to repaint the entire home unnecessarily.

HOA Painting

It Can Increase Property Value

Another big thing to consider is the fact that a well-maintained home that looks nice and uniform in a similarly well-maintained neighborhood is always going to command a higher sales figure than something that looks out of place or unattractive compared to the rest. You will have much better luck and fortune selling a home that is kept to HOA standards versus trying to operate outside of the box.

If you need somebody to come in and lend a professional hand with your own HOA painting needs, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best in the business at Just Right Painting. Feel free to contact a member of our experienced team and they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!