Commercial Painting Companies

What To Look For When Choosing Commercial Painting Companies

What do you look for when you want to hire painting contractors? Of course, that can depend on what the job is. There is a difference between painting a gas pipeline and painting your home or high-profile business premises. One requires greater attention to detail and quality than the other. Anyway, whatever the job, all commercial painting companies survive in business over the long term because of their reputations. Recommendations are the life-blood of commercial companies. For that reason, we at Just Right Painting would like to point out what you should consider when choosing a painting contractor.


Most painting firms take on both residential and industrial work, so their customer base is quite varied. Business to business work is not only based on costs. Other factors may need to be taken into consideration, attitude or attention to detail, for example. Check the company’s business references. Also, get testimonials from clients. See if other companies are satisfied with their work. Much of the residential work would come from word-of-mouth personal recommendations.

Commercial Painting Companies


Honest Quotes

You want an honest and transparent estimate or quote. The bottom line of any business between individuals or companies is the cost. You want an all-inclusive quote for the completed job. Honest companies don’t talk vaguely about add-ons or extras. They have an established rate system based on materials and labor costs that can be easily explained to the client. They should also be able to show a competitive rate system that can be compared to other companies in the market.

Solid schedules

Based on their experience, an established firm can give you a solid start and completion dates. They will also be flexible enough to fit into your preferred schedule. Some will offer penalty clauses for time over-runs.

Knowledge & Experience

Along with a reputation for good work, you should also look at how long the company has been established. Years of growth and a name within the industry will also indicate a good knowledge base and plenty of experience. Like any industry, commercial painting has its specialized knowledge and know-how. Within some industries, painting has to be specialized. IF you require a specialist job, it is better to choose someone who has experience of doing the same or similar.


Many established companies, both big and small, belong to their industry’s associations and other types of business bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, etc. Only serious companies of long-standing usually consider joining these organizations. Check out their accreditations.


All serious companies will be insured. The client should be assured that there won’t be any claims against them for personal injury while on their property. Also, that damage to their property will be replaced or compensated.

Look For The Best

Above are some of the points to keep in mind when you are looking for commercial painting companies. Here at Just Right Painting, we can proudly say that we tick all the boxes. If you wish for a no-nonsense, free quote on your next painting project, contact us without any obligation.