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The Favorite Kitchen Colors Being Used in 2023 by Painting Contractors in Los Angeles

When thinking about the rooms in your home that you spend the most time in, a lot of people will say the kitchen. Not only is the kitchen a space where families prepare, cook, and eat their main meals, but it is also a favorite gathering place for social interaction. It’s amazing how many people end up in the kitchen at parties. Because of this, kitchens are one of the rooms that get the most attention décor wise and are often the only room that gets a full makeover or renovation during a homeowner’s time in a property. One of the most important finishing touches to any kitchen project is the color scheme.  Inspiration for color schemes has many sources but it also makes sense to tap into your professional resource. Ask your painting contractors in Los Angeles what are the favorite colors and color trends for kitchens this year. 

Warm Earth Tones

There has been an increase in the popularity of warm earth tones for kitchens over the last year, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. People have been turning away from the nature-inspired greens and blues that were once the go-to option, and instead opting for browns and reds that offer a much cozier, more relaxing atmosphere. This is an ideal choice to make if you spend a lot of time hosting guests in your kitchen area.

Vintage Colors And Patterns

Modern minimalism was the rage in the last decade, but there has been something of a response to this so far in the 2020s with lots of vintage colors and patterns being preferred. Things like herringbone patterns and strong navy blues and burgundies have been very prominent in high-profile kitchen renovations, showing that the time for scaled-back minimalism is well and truly over!

Painting Contractors in Los Angeles
Vibrant Reds

If you want something dramatic rather than neutral, then the strongest trend in 2023 is definitely lively reds. The days of muted pastels are well and truly back in 2021 and 2022, with people preferring to make more of an impact with color scheme choices this year. A kitchen is one of the easiest places to experiment with bolder color choices because the painted walls and surfaces are almost always broken up by the various appliances that take up a lot of space and can help to split up the blocks of color and make them more approachable. After all, if you never make the decision to go bold, you will never know whether it would have been perfect or not!

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