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Signs Your Commercial Exterior Painter Has Done a Poor Job

When you hire a professional commercial painting firm to complete a job for you, you would be forgiven for assuming that you are going to get the very best standards of workmanship for the money that you have paid, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are great painters out there, and then there are those at the other end of the spectrum who do the very least. We think that this is a terrible way to conduct business, and we want you to be equipped with as much knowledge as possible in order to avoid making such mistakes. With this in mind, here are some classic signs that your commercial exterior painter has done a really poor job.

The paint Is Starting To Chip And Flake

Chipping, flaking and peeling are the key signs that a bad job has been done on a painting surface. This will almost be down to the fact that the walls have been poorly prepared, along with amateurish painting techniques. It is best to address peeling and flaking issues as soon as you notice them.

Paint Is Bubbling Or Blistering

If the paint is starting to bubble or blister, then this means it has not been applied properly and has probably been exposed to too much heat before it had time to fully dry. Again, this is a problem that needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Colour Is Fading Very Quickly

When the paint is applied correctly, it should be able to hold its original bold colour for a number of years, so a clear sign of a bad job is when the paint colour starts to fade way before, even a few weeks or months after application. It could be that not enough coats were used, or it could be the quality of the paint was way below what you were promised.

Air Holes Have Begun To Appear

If you can see small air holes on the exterior of your home walls after a paint job, this is a classic sign of a bad job. This will have been caused by a lack of proper preparation before the paint was applied. The paint was not able to adhere to the surface sufficiently, therefore creating air bubbles in between.

Commercial Exterior Painter

Paint Appears To Have Been Watered Down 

If the paint looks much thinner than you had expected, it is a sign that the product has been watered down in order to save money and make one tin stretch much further than it should.

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