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How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Painters in Los Angeles

So, now you have decided to have the painters in and you are looking forward to a bright, new living space. All are good, but none of us like having strangers in the house, do we? Tradesmen are there because you want or need them to do a job, but it always disrupts your routine, one way or another, doesn’t it? You want as little interruption and you want to have them in and out as soon as possible, right? The only way to speed up the process is to be prepared. As professional painters in Los Angeles for decades, we at Just Right Painting suggest that you do a little preparation before the painters arrive, to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Exterior Preparation

Usually, exterior painting is easier than the interior. Generally, the outside surroundings of your house aren’t so cluttered as the inside. Remember, depending on the size of your house, the painters may have to erect scaffolding. Make sure that there is plenty of space so they can put up the scaffolding and just as importantly, free and easy access to the areas that they are going to paint. Many houses have lots of flowerpots scattered around, so clear those out of the way. People also tend to hang things on their walls, so take them down. A small bit of effort will help the painters and move things along more rapidly.

Painters in Los Angeles

Interior Preparation

Here things can get a bit more difficult. The rooms inside the house are where you live and so are full of your belongings and furniture. Usually, the painters arrive with a plan of action. This simply means that, with your agreement, there is an organized schedule on which rooms to be started first and so on. As you or the painters don’t want to be carting furniture from room to room, you need to get organized before they come.

  •  Take up any rugs or carpets
  •  Organize the biggest pieces of furniture in the middle of the room
  •  Takedown everything that you have on the walls
  •  Collect all ornaments and bric-a-brac together and move them out of the way

This is all simple stuff, but it helps the workers by creating room to move and ensuring that they don’t have to stop work to shift things around. Another great help is to wipe down wooden surfaces. Paint doesn’t take well to dusty or greasy surfaces. The painters may do this kind of surface preparation for you. They will certainly take care of any chipped or flaking paintwork before applying new paint.


These are just a few commonsense tips to help your painters in Los Angeles get through the job on time. We here at Just Right Painting understand that you would wish to have the work done as quickly as possible. So, if you have any queries on preparation or any other aspect of painting your home, please feel free to contact us for more information and free quotes.