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House Painting in Los Angeles 101: 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Picking Colors

It would be fair to say that while house painting in Los Angeles isn’t in any respect a permanent job, it is certainly one that you want to get right the first time. The thought of having to start again from scratch so soon after investing in a painting project isn’t something that you should be entertaining, and one element of this is making sure that you pick the right color on the first attempt. 

Of course, the ‘right’ color is always going to be a subjective thing and different for each homeowner, but the choice will make or break the overall aesthetic you want to achieve for a room. 

If you are the kind of person who likes to have a general guide to follow, you have come to the right place! 

Don’t Make These Color Mistakes When House Painting In Los Angeles

Making A Choice Too Quickly

Unless you have an urgent deadline, there is no need to be too quick in your decision-making. Don’t go for the first color you see simply because you want it over and done with, buy lots of samples and try out patches on your wall to see what fits best.

Not Considering Your Furniture

Any color looks good in an empty room, but you also need to consider the furniture that you have and how it is going to complement the paint hues.

Putting Samples Too Close Together

When placing the samples on your wall, make sure to give each color enough room to ‘breathe’. If they are too tightly packed, it will only serve to distract from each color.

Not Thinking About Undertone

Undertones can make a big difference. Think about white, for example, some whites can appear to have hints of yellow or hints of blue, and this is the difference between warm and cool.

Shying Away From Bolder Hues

Don’t be afraid to go bold! Lots of people end up going for something neutral, only to realize that they haven’t added any personality to their home at all.

Choosing Too Many Colors

It is always better to have a singular vision, rather than giving in to your impulses and trying to incorporate every color idea that you have.

House Painting in Los Angeles

Skimping On The Paint Quality

It might feel good to save some money immediately with a cheaper batch of paint, but the truth is that the less expensive paints are going to need to be topped up and maintained at a more frequent rate.

So, now that you know how to pick the best color, all that is left to do is make sure you hire professionals for your house painting in Los Angeles! Feel free to get in touch with the team at Just Right Painting, one of our experienced squad members will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to being able to help you with all of your painting needs.