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Common Issues in Interior Painting in Malibu and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to DIY projects that people begin with little to no understanding of all the things that could go wrong, it’s probably fair to say that interior painting is one of them! So many people think it is a case of picking up a brush to apply paint to a wall or other surface. They fail to think about things like preparation and the right type of paint. 


Depending on how large your home is or how many rooms you are hoping to transform, the task of interior painting can very quickly become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what not to do. Here are some of the most common issues that you might run into with interior painting in Malibu, and how to avoid them!


Going Over Budget And Over Time

One of the worst things you can do is get carried away with the project to the extent where it turns into a financial and time-consuming burden. Try to keep things as scaled back and understated as possible to start with, applying interior paint to a good standard but basic and clean level. You can always embellish further down the line, but you don’t want to go over budget on the first go around unexpectedly and not be able to finish the job.


Temperature And Drying Problems

If you paint a room or wall that is too cold or too hot, then it is likely that it won’t be able to dry evenly or fully, leaving you with a finish that doesn’t look anywhere as good as it should. This can be avoided by following the instructions on your chosen paints and primers, along with making the effort to ensure that the temperature in your room is an even mild one that won’t change drastically in a short time.


Painting In The Wrong Order

An easy mistake to make is painting areas of a room in the wrong order that will result in an inconsistent finish. To avoid this as, you should always start with the ceiling, then the walls, then any skirting boards. Follow this with the windows, before finishing with the door.


Not Preparing The Surfaces

You can’t just go ahead and start painting without preparing the walls and surfaces for their new coat. All paint surfaces need to be rid of previous paint, primer, stains and adhesive before you can then go ahead with applying your new layers of primer and paint. If you cut corners and just start painting over old work, then it will always result in an uneven and unsmooth finish.

If you prefer to employ professional help for your interior painting in Malibu, then feel free to contact the experienced squad at Just Right Painting. Get in touch with a member of our professional team and they will be able to talk you through our process and answer any questions that you might have before making an appointment. We very much look forward to being able to help you with all of your interior painting needs.


Common Issues in Interior Painting in Malibu and How to Avoid Them