Interior Painting in Hollywood

An Introduction to Textured Walls for Interior Painting in Hollywood

There is no doubt that when it comes to transforming the inside of your home, painting the walls is a change that can have a huge impact with not too much effort having to be put in on your part. In general, people tend to be more familiar with the concept of smooth-painted walls or patterned wallpaper, but one of the growing trends in recent years has been the resurgence of textured walls. To some, the idea of a textured wall is very retro and old-fashioned, but they are definitely coming back into style! With this in mind, here is a rundown of some of the most popular and common textured walls for interior painting in Hollywood.

Comb Texture Wall

The comb texture is something that is achieved by creating lines of differing shapes and widths on a drywall compound. It can be used to create what looks like a series of rainbow patterns using a trowel to give the appearance of concentric circles. It usually needs 24 hours to dry before it can be primed and painted.

Popcorn Texture Wall

A very popular look back in the 1970s, the popcorn wall or ceiling was seen as a method that could help to absorb sound between walls and floors. It is created by mixing water with a dry drywall and polystyrene mix, which is then sprayed on the surface using an air compressor and hopper gun.

Sand Swirl Texture Wall

A sand swirl finish can add a really subtle feeling of depth and texture to a room. It is achieved by using a paintbrush dipped in perlite (primer mixed with sand) to make big loops with an open-end look at the top of a wall. Each row of this swirling pattern covers the bottom of the previous row, creating a fluid texture and pattern. This again needs to be left for 24 hours before priming and painting.

Orange Peel Texture Wall

As the name suggests, this finish resembles something like orange peel. Made by mixing drywall compound with water to form a thick paint that is soupy and pancake-y in consistency, it is then sprayed in small splatters with a hopper gun to spread the peel-like texture across a wall.

Slap Brush Texture Wall

One of the more eccentric finishes to try, slap brush is achieved by creating a random pattern of thin lines across a wall. You first coat your wall in an even layer and then use a thin brush to ‘slap’ on extra lines of the coating at random angles for really fun and modern results.

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